Third Anniversary Sample Clauses

Third Anniversary. Effective June 26, 2016 Basic Weekly Wage Rates will be increased 3.00% at the maximum rate, exponentialized with no change in the start rate.
Third Anniversary. In the calendar year in which a full time Associates third (3rd) anniversary occurs and thereafter, the Associate shall receive an additional week of vacation for a total of three (3) weeks.

Related to Third Anniversary

  • Anniversary Date A regular employee’s initial date of current employment with the Employer as a regular employee shall be her anniversary date for the purpose of determining benefits and for the purpose of determining increment anniversary date. (Reference Article 6.05 - Superior Benefits and Article 12.03 - Increments).

  • Anniversary Fee A non-refundable anniversary fee of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000) (the “Anniversary Fee”) is earned as of the Effective Date and is due and payable on the earliest to occur of (i) one quarter payable on each of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th anniversaries of the Effective Date (for avoidance of doubt Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000) of such fee shall be due on each such anniversary), (ii) the termination of this Agreement or (iii) the occurrence and continuance of an Event of Default and an acceleration by Bank of the Obligations under this Agreement and the other Loan Documents.

  • Exercise Period Vesting Unless expired as provided in Section 3 of this Agreement, this Option may be exercised from time to time after the Date of Grant set forth above (the “Date of Grant”) to the extent the Option has vested in accordance with the vesting schedule set forth below. The Shares issued upon exercise of the Option will be subject to the restrictions on transfer set forth in Sections 8 and 9 below. Provided Participant continues to provide Continuous Service to the Company or any Affiliate, the Option will become vested and exercisable with respect to twenty percent (20%) of the Shares on the first anniversary of the Date of Grant set forth above and thereafter at the end of each full succeeding year from the Date Affirmative Insurance Holdings, Inc. Stock Option Agreement of Grant the Option will become vested and exercisable as to twenty percent (20%) of the Shares until the Option is vested and exercisable with respect to one hundred percent (100%) of the Shares. If application of the vesting percentage causes a fractional share, such share shall be rounded down to the nearest whole share for each vesting period except for the last period in such vesting period, at the end of which last period this Option shall become exercisable for the full remainder of the Shares. Any unvested Option shall become vested and exercisable if, during the term of Participant’s employment by the Company, a Change in Control occurs.

  • FIFTH The Distributor shall act as an agent of the Company in connection with the sale and redemption of Shares. Except with respect to such sales and redemptions, the Distributor shall act as principal in all matters relating to the promotion of the sale of Shares and shall enter into all of its own engagements, agreements and contracts as principal on its own account. The Distributor shall enter into agreements with investment dealers and financial institutions selected by the Distributor, authorizing such investment dealers and financial institutions to offer and sell the Shares to the public upon the terms and conditions set forth therein, which shall not be inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement. Each agreement shall provide that the investment dealer or financial institution shall act as a principal, and not as an agent, of the Company.

  • Grant Date The grant date of the Restricted Stock Units (the “Grant Date”) is the date set forth on the Participant’s online award acceptance page at, which is incorporated by reference herein.

  • Month A period commencing at 10:00 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, on the first Day of a calendar month and extending until 10:00 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, on the first Day of the next succeeding calendar month. Monthly shall have the correlative meaning.

  • Current Per Share Market Value For the purpose of any computation hereunder, the “Current Per Share Market Value” of any security (a “Security” for the purpose of this Section 11.4.1) on any date shall be deemed to be the average of the daily closing prices per share of such Security for the thirty (30) consecutive Trading Days (as such term is hereinafter defined) immediately prior to such date; provided, however, that in the event that the current per share market price of the Security is determined during any period following the announcement by the issuer of such Security of (i) a dividend or distribution on such Security payable in shares of such Security or securities convertible into such shares or (ii) any subdivision, combination or reclassification of such Security, and prior to the expiration of

  • TENTH (A) In the absence of willful misfeasance, bad faith, gross negligence or reckless disregard of obligations or duties hereunder on the part of the Distributor, the Company on behalf of the Portfolios agrees to indemnify the Distributor against any and all claims, demands, liabilities and expenses which the Distributor may incur under the Securities Act of 1933, or common law or otherwise, arising out of or based upon any alleged untrue statement of a material fact contained in any registration statement or prospectus of the Portfolios, or any omission to state a material fact therein, the omission of which makes any statement contained therein misleading, unless such statement or omission was made in reliance upon, and in conformity with, information furnished to the Company or Portfolio in connection therewith by or on behalf of the Distributor. The Distributor agrees to indemnify the Company and the Portfolios against any and all claims, demands, liabilities and expenses which the Company or the Portfolios may incur arising out of or based upon any act or deed of the Distributor or its sales representatives which has not been authorized by the Company or the Portfolios in its prospectus or in this Agreement.

  • Initial Grant In connection with the commencement of your employment, the Company will recommend that the Board of Directors grant you an option to purchase 150,000 shares of the Company's Common Stock ("Shares") with an exercise price equal to the fair market value on the date of the grant. These option shares will vest at the rate of 25% one year after your hire date and 1/48th per month thereafter. Vesting will, of course, depend on your continued employment with the Company. The option will be an incentive stock option to the maximum extent allowed by the tax code and will be subject to the terms of the Company's 1999 Stock Plan and the Stock Option Agreement between you and the Company.

  • Date of Grant This Option was granted by the Board of Directors of the Company on the date set forth in Schedule A (the "Date of Grant").