The Tender Sample Clauses

The Tender. 1.2.2 The numbers and titles of the Sections are for reference only and shall not be deemed to modify or construe the contents of the Section.
The Tender. 2.1. Bidders must read the complete ‘Tender Document’. This NIT is an integral part of the Tender Document and serves a limited purpose of invitation, and does not purport to contain all relevant details for submission of bids. Bidders must go through the complete Tender Document for details before submission of their Bids. 2.2. Availability of the Tender Document: -The Tender Document shall be published on the Government E-Marketplace (GeM Portal) of Govt. of India. It shall be available for download after the date and time of the start of availability till the deadline for availability as mentioned on GeM Portal. 2.3. Clarifications: - A Prospective Bidder requiring any clarification regarding the Tender Document may do so using GeM Portal. Also, please feel free to contact Sh. Anirudh Kumar, Joint Director (Contact no. 011-22170574), ERNET India with copy marked to for any query related to tender.
The Tender. The commitment of the tenderer to perform the public contract under the conditions that he has submitted; Days: In the absence of any indication in this regard in the Tender Specifications and the applicable regulations, all days should be interpreted as calendar days;
The Tender. 5.1 The tender is to be submitted to the employer agent at the street address provided in the invitation to tender before the tender closing date and time stated therein. Any late submission will be disqualified from the tender. The following documents needs to be submitted :
The Tender. In 2009, following the expiry of the former concession operated by Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG (daughter company of EON Hanse AG), the municipality of Harrislee published a tender for procurement of an electricity distribution concession. The procurement encompassed operations of the distribution grid and Stadtwerke Flensburg got the new concessionThe call for tenders allowed a period of 2 years before an existing concession being terminated for the expression of interest by new potential concessionaires. Apart from the required professionalism and experience, a maximum distribution fee was an important parameter for consideration. The tender was published on the German network “Energieausschreibungen.EU” and the Official Journal of the EU. Technical parameters were available.Flensburg Stadtwerke was invited for negotiations with the municipality as well as with Schleswig- Holstein Netz AG. The negotiations with Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG focused on the price Stadtwerke Flensburg should pay to Schleswig-Holstein Netz for their former investments into the network (the salvation value) and a deal was reached.In 2014, the new concession for Stadtwerke Flensburg entered into force.At the time of the negotiations, the EU directive 2004/17/EC on coordinating the procurement by entities operating in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors was in force (subsequently replaced by directive 2014/25/EU).An assessment carried out by experts confirmed that the procedure of the concession award was conducted according to the EU directives.The case could be typical for smaller concessions for gas and electricity in Germany. Competition exists even among publicly owned utilities. , Municipalities or regions mainly established the major energy utilities, such as RWE and EON. Therefore, they are strongly represented in the international market for concessions. Part of the shares is available to the public on the stock exchange.The utilities function similarly to pure commercial companies. The Swedish 100% state-owned utility Vattenfall is also a key player in Germany. .According to the tender notice bureau “Energieausschreibungen.EU”, there are often 3-4 applicants for distribution concessions in local areas.The main law of relevance to distribution licenses is the Law on Electricity and Gas supply (EnWG) of 2005. In the most recent projects the proposed prices are close to the level of conventional energy producers and therefore Feed in Premiums might not be...
The Tender. PART T1. TENDERING PROCEDUREST1.1 Notice and Invitation to TenderT1.2 Tender Data PART T2. RETURNABLE DOCUMENTST2.1 List of Returnable DocumentsT2.2 Returnable Schedules Book 1
The Tender. 6.1 The Licensee shall be permitted to moor the Tender at the Mooring whilst the Boat is away from the Mooring only.
The Tender. This Project will be procured as a Re-measurable with quantities as a Build Only based on an approved design by others (with Contractor’s Design Portion for as Indicated in Tender Documents). The procurement methodology will be a Single Stage Two Envelop Quality Based Selection.
The Tender. This Tender issued by the Company, all of its appendices, documents and updates and the clarifications attached to it;