Ameren Illinois definition

Ameren Illinois means Ameren Illinois Company d/b/a Ameren Illinois.
Ameren Illinois means the Illinois regulated utility Ameren Illinois Company.
Ameren Illinois means Ameren Illinois Company, an Illinois corporation and a subsidiary of the Company.

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  • All supplemental documentation can be found on the Ameren Illinois Energy Efficiency Programs website at Authorization Form is required if the incentive is to be paid to a party other than Customer.

  • E-9: Ameren Corporation (Docket No. AC11-46-000) On March 30, 2011, as supplemented on June 3, 2011, Ameren Corporation (Ameren) submitted final accounting entries regarding (1) the merger of Central Illinois Light Company and Illinois Power Company with and into Central Illinois Public Service Company to form Ameren Illinois Company and (2) the distribution of Ameren Energy Resources Generating stock to Ameren Energy Resources.

  • NOTE 14 – SEGMENT INFORMATION‌ The following tables present revenues, net income (loss) attributable to common shareholders, and capital expenditures by segment at Ameren and Ameren Illinois for the three and six months ended June 30, 2020 and 2019.

  • These parties included: • Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (“LVEJO”)• Commonwealth Edison Company (“ComEd”)• Ameren Illinois Company (“AIC” or “Ameren Illinois”)• Environmental Law and Policy Center (“ELPC”)• Joint Solar Parties (“JSP”)• Elevate Energy / GRID Alternatives, Inc.

  • Ameren, Ameren Missouri, and Ameren Illinois management review segment capital expenditure information rather than any individual or total asset amount.

  • The level of funding included in the 662 test year, however, would allow AIC to target removal of this obsolete type 663 of main from Ameren Illinois' gas systems while enhancing pipeline safety 664 and system integrity.

  • Excise Taxes Ameren Missouri and Ameren Illinois collect from their customers excise taxes, including municipal and state excise taxes and gross receipts taxes that are levied on the sale or distribution of natural gas and electricity.

  • I am currently responsible for gas and electric field operations including engineering for Ameren Illinois.

  • However, Ameren Illinois apparently proposes that the confirmations should not be subject to Commission approval.

  • The Joint Solar Parties reiterated their position on Response (JSP Response at 15) and the Agency continues to oppose it for the same reasons.In its Response, Ameren Illinois (like the Agency) supports ComEd’s proposal for a master agreement with subsequent confirmations.

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Ameren Illinois or “Ameren” or “Utility” shall mean the Ameren Illinois Utility Company, or its successor, as the entity that has a franchise, license, permit or right to distribute, furnish or sell electricity to retail customers within its service area and within the Aggregator’s jurisdiction.

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