Lake definition

Lake means a natural or man-made impoundment of water with more than one acre of water surface area at the high water level.
Lake means a body of standing inland surface water.
Lake means a lentic fresh waterbody with a relatively long water residence time and an open water area that is free from emergent vegetation under typical hydrologic and climatic conditions. Aquatic plants, as defined in subsection 62-340.200(1), F.A.C., may be present in the open water. Lakes do not include springs, wetlands, or streams (except portions of streams that exhibit lake-like characteristics, such as long water residence time, increased width, or predominance of biological taxa typically found in non-flowing conditions).

Examples of Lake in a sentence

  • Its business office is located at 809 North 1500 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84116, (801) 596-1887, email

  • GN-29, Swasthya Bhawan, Sec-V, Salt Lake, Kolkata- 700091 in the amount as provided in the Schedule of Requirements and denominated in INR.

  • Venue shall be in Salt Lake City, in the Third Judicial District Court for Salt Lake County.

  • Judgment upon the Arbitration Award will be entered and enforced by any state or federal court sitting in Salt Lake County, Utah.

  • Judgment upon the Appeal Panel Award will be entered and enforced by a state or federal court sitting in Salt Lake County, Utah.

More Definitions of Lake

Lake means the Great Lakes and all natural and artificial inland lakes or impoundments that have definite banks, a bed, visible evidence of a continued occurrence of water, and a surface area of water that is equal to, or greater than, 1 acre. "Lake" does not include sediment basins and basins constructed for the sole purpose of storm water retention, cooling water, or treating polluted water.
Lake means a lake, reservoir or flowage within the boundaries of the state.
Lake means a body of year-round standing open water.
Lake means an area permanently inundated by water in excess of two meters deep and greater than 20 acres in size measured at the ordinary high water mark.
Lake means Possum Kingdom Lake located in
Lake means Possum Kingdom Lake located in Young, Palo Pinto, Stephens, and Jack Counties. The boundary of the Lake is defined by the 1000' contour line, as that contour may meander and change over time with natural forces, including erosion and accretion. The "1000' contour line" means the line running along the periphery of the Lake if the surface of the Lake is at an elevation of 1000 feet above mean sea level, as measured from the top of the spillway crest gates of the Morris Sheppard Dam, as such line may move and shift from time to time due to natural forces.
Lake means Lake Paul A. Wallace.