Lake definition

Lake means a natural or man-made impoundment of water with more than one acre of water surface area at the high water level.
Lake means a body of standing inland surface water.
Lake means a lentic fresh waterbody with a relatively long water residence time and an open water area that is free from emergent vegetation under typical hydrologic and climatic conditions. Aquatic plants, as defined in subsection 62-340.200(1), F.A.C., may be present in the open water. Lakes do not include springs, wetlands, or streams (except portions of streams that exhibit lake-like characteristics, such as long water residence time, increased width, or predominance of biological taxa typically found in non-flowing conditions).

Examples of Lake in a sentence

  • For purposes of this subsection, a bar or lounge shall be defined as an establishment that serves alcohol which is not eligible for a Restaurant endorsement permit pursuant to the Code of Ordinances for the City of Lake Charles, Sec.

  • Any person or member of the city council, aggrieved by any decision of the planning commission may file a written request within fifteen days of said decision, with the city council of the City of Lake Charles through the Planning Department for a review of the decision and thereupon said city council shall grant a public hearing thereon.

  • Any person who believes him/herself or any specific class of persons, to be subjected to discrimination prohibited by Title VI and/or Americans with Disabilities Act may by him/herself or by representative file a written complaint with the City of Lake Charles.

  • In a previous study, “The Nonpoint Source Control Plan for the Lake Mendota Priority Watershed Project” dated June, 2000, indicated the need to reduce the phosphorous loading by 51% or about 37,000 lb of phosphorus per year.

  • Eklutna Serenity Creek are tributaries to the West Fork of Eklutna Creek, not Eklutna Lake directly.

More Definitions of Lake

Lake means a lake, reservoir or flowage within the boundaries of the state.
Lake means an area permanently inundated by water in excess of two meters deep and greater than 20 acres in size measured at the ordinary high water mark.
Lake means a body of year-round standing open water.
Lake means Possum Kingdom Lake located in Young, Palo Pinto, Stephens, and Jack Counties. The boundary of the Lake is defined by the 1000' contour line, as that contour may meander and change over time with natural forces, including erosion and accretion. The "1000' contour line" means the line running along the periphery of the Lake if the surface of the Lake is at an elevation of 1000 feet above mean sea level, as measured from the top of the spillway crest gates of the Morris Sheppard Dam, as such line may move and shift from time to time due to natural forces.
Lake means a naturally or artificially created body of deep (generally greater than 6.6 feet) open water that persists throughout the year. A lake is larger than a pond, greater than one acre in size, equal to or greater than 6.6 feet in depth, and has less than thirty percent aerial coverage by trees, shrubs, or persistent emergent vegetation. A lake is bounded by the ordinary high water mark or the extension of the elevation of the lake’s ordinary high water mark with the stream where the stream enters the lake.
Lake means a body of standing water, including a pond or a reservoir, which may have natural or artificial water level control. Private ponds shall not be considered lakes.