Heating definition

Heating. , used alone, means the use of any fuel or electricity to generate heat in an air conditioning system. When used with a qualifying term such as "hydronic", the term heating assumes the limited meaning expressed by that qualification.
Heating means the energy transferred for the purpose of raising the ambient air or domestic hot water temperature in a Designated Property;
Heating. The Lessor shall heat the Leased Premises during Business Hours. The Lessee shall be liable for any malfunctioning of the system attributable to non-conforming partitions or to changes to the Leased Premises.

Examples of Heating in a sentence

  • Heating coils installed in the main air handling unit shall be protected against freezing.

  • This Contract sets forth the terms and conditions for the provision of Fuel Oil, Heating (Grades #0, #0, #0, Xxxxxxxx and Bioheating Fuel) from Contractor to Authorized Users of the Contract.

  • And whereas the University will support Employees working on campus with ventilation systems circulating fresh air in accordance with the latest recommendations and guidance set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

  • Seller Dollar Limit** Cost to diagnose, repair and/or replace: Heating, Plumbing, Electrical and Air Conditioning - $1,500 per category Appliances - $3,000 per covered appliance *Complimentary where allowed by law.

  • Seller coverage is for Appliances, Heating, Plumbing and Electrical Systems.

More Definitions of Heating

Heating means operating mode heating for the heat- ing medium pump.
Heating means that you get heat in the accommodation. You can deselect the function when you do not wish to have heating running.
Heating means that you get heat in the accommoda- tion. You can deselect the function when you do not wish to have heating running.Menu 4.3 - my iconsCautionIf you deselect "addition" it may mean that sufficient heating in the accommodation is not achieved.my icons 4.3 outdoor/indoor temperaturehot water temperature analog clock digital clockYou can select what icons should be vis- ible when the door to GreenMaster-HP is closed. You can select up to 3 icons. If you select more, the ones you selec- ted first will disap- pear. The icons are displayed in the or- der you selected them.Menu 4.4 - time & dateSet time and date, display mode and time zone here. TIPTime and date are set automatically if the heat pump is connected to myUpway. To obtain the correct time, the time zone must be set.Menu 4.6 - languageChoose the language that you want the information to be displayed in here. Menu 4.7 - holiday settingTo reduce energy consumption during a holiday you can schedule a reduction in heating and hot water temper- ature. Cooling, pool and solar panel cooling can also be scheduled if the functions are connected.If a room sensor is installed and activated, the desired room temperature (°C) is set during the time period. This setting applies to all climate systems with room sensors.If a room sensor is not activated, the desired offset of the heating curve is set. One step is usually enough to change the room temperature by one degree, but in some cases several steps may be required. This setting applies to all climate systems without room sensors.TIPComplete holiday setting about a day before your return so that room temperature and hot water have time to regain usual levels.Vacation scheduling starts at 00:00 on the start date and stops at 23:59 on the stop date. TIPSet the vacation setting in advance and activate just before departure in order to maintain the comfort.CautionIf you choose to switch off hot water produc- tion during the vacation “periodic increase" (preventing bacterial growth) are blocked during this time. "periodic increase" started in conjunction with the vacation setting being completed.When the operating mode is set to "auto", the heat pump selects when start and stop of additional heat and heat production is permitted, dependent on the average outdoor temperature. If accessories for cooling are present or if the heat pump has the integrated cooling function you can also select the start temperature for cooling.Select the average outdoor temperatures...
Heating. The heating is controlled by a timed system; any special requests should be made in advance of the hire to the trustees and are at their discretion Xxxxxx must leave the centre clean and tidy and remove all belongings and rubbish from the centre. Cleaning equipment is located in the cupboard, on the left as you enter the building. Please ensure all windows are closed and equipment turned off before leaving the centre. The premises are not licensed for the sale of alcohol. If the Hirer wishes to sell alcohol, they will be required to obtain a Temporary Events Notice from Uttlesford District Council. In this case “sale” includes “an inclusive ticket” or direct payment. Please keep all exits clear in case of fire and familiarise yourself, and all attending, with the location of fire extinguishers, blanket and exits. If the alarm is set off, please be aware that the kitchen shutter will close automatically. The fire alarm is only to warn occupants and is NOT connected to the fire station A first aid kit is located above the kitchen hand-washing sink. Please leave a note in the kitchen if you have needed to use any of its contents. The hirer accepts responsibility for any loss or damage to the building or its contents. All breakages must be paid for. The Hirer indemnifies the trustees against all claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, costs and expenses arising out of their hiring, use or occupation of the premises. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to effect whatever insurance he/she requires to cover his/her liabilities. Insurance held by the trustees does not extend to a Hirer’s liabilities. The trustees accept no liability for accidents or injuries to persons, nor damage to and/or loss of personal property as a consequence of using the premises. Hirers must have in mind the provisions of the Children’s Act at any event involving children and they must at all times be properly supervised by an adequate number of responsible adults. Hirers must be aware of their responsibilities under the Safeguarding legislation. This Contract shall constitute a binding contract between the Trustees and the Hirer. PRIVACY NOTICE It is necessary for the Trustees to gather, collect, store and process personal information relating to Xxx’s Place users and hirers. The trustees have put measures in place to protect the privacy of individuals throughout this process. The only information we will collect is Name, Address, Postcode, Telephone & Email address. The truste...
Heating heated water produced and controlled by our energy centre and distributed to you over our Network;
Heating in relation to any product, means the use of dry or damp heat on that product;
Heating. Landlord will provide a heating and air conditioning system that is rated at 1 ton per 350 square feet. This includes, but is not limited to, all ductwork, thermostats, ceiling diffusers, and balancing.