Sewage definition

Sewage means a combination of the water-carried wastes from residences, business buildings, institutions, and industrial establishments, together with such ground, surface, and storm waters as may be present.
Sewage means waste water, industrial effluent, standard domestic effluent and other liquid waste, either separately or in combination, but shall not include storm water;
Sewage means the water-carried human wastes from residences, buildings, industrial establishments or other places together with such industrial wastes and underground, surface, storm, or other water as may be present.

Examples of Sewage in a sentence

  • Sewage generated from domestic sources will be sent to septic tank followed by soak pit.

  • In On-Site Wastewater Treatment: Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium on Individual and Small Community Sewage Systems.

  • In Proceedings of Seventh ASAE International Symposium on Individual and Small Community Sewage Systems, Atlanta, GA.

  • The Sewage works were one mile south of the village, with pipes running under back gardens of properties on both sides of the High Street.

  • Sewage treatment capacity of 942.25 million litres per day (mld) has beencreated under YAP-I and II.

More Definitions of Sewage

Sewage means liquid waste containing animal or vegetable matter in suspension or solution and may include liquids containing chemicals in solution.
Sewage means the liquid and solid human body waste and liquid waste generated by water-using fixtures and appliances, including those associated with foodhandling. The term does not include industrial process wastewater or sewage that is combined with industrial process wastewater.
Sewage means night soil and other contents of latrines, urinals, cesspools or drains and polluted water from sinks, bath-rooms, stables, cattle sheds and other like places and includes trade effluents and discharges from manufactories of all kinds;
Sewage means the water−carried wastes created in and to be conducted away from residences, industrial establishments, and public buildings as defined in s. 101.01 (12), with such surface water or groundwater as may be present.
Sewage means a combination of liquid wastes that may include chemicals, house wastes, human excreta, animal or vegetable matter in suspension or solution, and other solids in suspension or solution, and that is discharged from a dwelling, building, or other establishment. See also Wastewater, domestic.
Sewage means water-carried and non-water-carried human excrement, kitchen, laundry, shower, bath or lavatory wastes, separately or together with such underground, surface, storm and other water and liquid industrial wastes as may be present from residences, buildings, vehicles, industrial establishments or other places.