Meters definition

Meters shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.6(a) hereof.
Meters has the meaning set out in the Metering Code;
Meters means all electric metering associated with the Facility, including the REC Meter, Facility meter and any other real-time meters, billing meters and back-up meters.

Examples of Meters in a sentence

  • Meters may be read daily and the deposit modified as the energy used may justify such modifications.

  • Replacement shall be done based on volume of water (9999 Kl) passed through the meter or age (8 years) of the meters whichever occurs earlier.• Meters intended for horizontal installation will not be allowed to be installed in vertical position.

  • Additional Energy Meters installed to monitor and reduce energy loss.

  • Meters serving commercial, industrial, agricultural, governmental, or multi- family residential zoned lands; any property with a well, private pumping system, auxiliary water supply, where substances harmful to health have the potential to enter the water supply, or where cross-connections are likely to occur; and dedicated fire protection and irrigation uses are required to have a District approved backflow prevention device.

  • The sides of the trenches, which are 1.5 Meters or more in depth shall be stepped back to give suitable slope, or securely held by timber bracing, so as to avoid the danger of sides collapsing.

More Definitions of Meters

Meters means the meters associated with the Project’s Metering Facilities.
Meters. If the Lessor or any Relevant Authority requires the Lessee to do so, the Lessee must at the Lessee's own expense install any meter or other measuring devices necessary for the proper measurement of the charges for any Utility or other services supplied to the Premises.
Meters means, collectively, Capital Region Water Meters and Ratepayer Meters.
Meters or “Metering System” means meter(s) and metering devices owned by the Power Producer and installed at the Delivery Point(s) for measuring and recording the delivery and receipt of solar energy, as required by a Project as per RFP;