OCCUPATION OF THE PREMISES. 7.1 The Lessor warrants the Lessee’s right to free and undisturbed possession of the premises from the commencement date until termination date: Subject thereto that any delay in taking passion due to actions of the Lessee or the occupant , shall not be regarded as delay on the part of the Lessor.
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OCCUPATION OF THE PREMISES. (a) The Licensee shall not sub-let, assign or share possession of the Premises or any other part thereof with any person (other than those holding a similar Licence in respect of other Premises), or shall not permit the Premises, hereby licensed to the Licensee, to be occupied by any person during the Licence Period.
OCCUPATION OF THE PREMISES. 7.1 The Occupier is not to allow any other person to occupy or use the Premises.
OCCUPATION OF THE PREMISES. 6.1 The Landlord shall allow the Tenant to take occupation of the Premises on the date of this Agreement.
OCCUPATION OF THE PREMISES. 2.1 Lessee shall promise to Lessor that the occupation of the Leased Unit shall only be used for purposes stipulated in the Special Terms of this Contract
OCCUPATION OF THE PREMISES. Not to leave the Premises continuously unoccupied for more than a month without notifying the Landlord and providing such security arrangements as the Landlord or his insurers require
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OCCUPATION OF THE PREMISES. After possession of the said premises delivered to the Purchasers they shall use the same and the Promoters shall not be in any manner whatsoever responsible or liable for any accident or mishap or injury or damage as may be caused to the person or the properties of the Purchaser/s or any member of their family or any servant, worker or representative of the Purchasers while in the said premises or the said building or the compound around it or any part thereof.
OCCUPATION OF THE PREMISES. 6.1. The Guest’s family and/or other guests (as agreed between the Property Owner and the Guest in advance in writing) shall be entitled to occupy the Premises in addition to the Guest, limited to a maximum of 5 persons in total.
OCCUPATION OF THE PREMISES. 5.1 The Lessee is to take occupation of the Premises within 7 (Seven) days of the Commencement Date of this Agreement, failing which the Lessor shall have the right without prejudice, to cancel this Agreement with 20 (Twenty) business days written notice and the Lessee will forfeit the deposit paid by the Lessee without detracting from the Lessor’s remaining legal remedies in this Agreement. The Lessee agrees that the forfeiture of such amount is fair and reasonable given the extent of the penalty catered for in 22.5.2 in the cancellation circumstances provided for therein.
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