Financial Management definition

Financial Management. Washington State has recognized financial management as a key aspect of the operational plan of the exchange. The state needs the Establishment Grants to begin a detailed examination of financial management and reporting necessary to support an exchange. From a broader policy perspective, Washington State used planning grant funds to develop issue brief #6, which deals with containing the cost of health care services financed through private coverage. Program Integrity: Management, oversight, and safeguards against preventing fraud, waste, and abuse have also been identified as key elements of a broad operational plan. Washington State has targeted the Establishment Grants to develop the policy and technical details of this essential area.
Financial Management. The Team will assist the Client in keeping the general journal, general ledger, cash receipts journal and all other necessary financial documents, as well as monitor the Client’s financial system. • Utilize and assist with the agency's system of record to complete milestones, submit documentation, reports, draws, change requests, etc.; • Request fund expenditure in-line with project milestones; • Develop a detailed Contract Ledger; • Establish a filing system that accurately and completely reflects the financial expenditures of the program and project(s). • Keep track of disbursement of funds and ensure that the vendors are paid within the required timeframe set out by the funding agency.

Examples of Financial Management in a sentence

  • The SDBG will be submitted Through Structured Financial Management System (SFMS).

  • Once the UP is submitted the project is “locked in” after Financial Management has processed the project in their system.

  • The PBG will be submitted through Structured Financial Management System (SFMS).

  • Regulation 12(1)(a) of the Local Government (Financial Management) Regulations 1996, provides that payment may only be made from the municipal fund or a trust fund if the Local Government has delegated this function to the Chief Executive Officer or alternatively authorises payment in advance.

  • Invoices may also be mailed to: U.S. Government Publishing Office, Office of Financial Management, Attn: Comptroller, Stop: FMCE, Washington, DC 20401.

More Definitions of Financial Management

Financial Management. Think strategically about how best to leverage the company’s resources to ensure that it continues to have sufficient access to capital, liquidity and funding sources: equity, debt and other mechanisms as appropriate.
Financial Management. Contributes to the preparation of budgets, and manages a range of budgets to deliver defined asset management and service delivery outcomes, including budget establishment and monitoring within corporate parameters (utilising Council’s budgeting software).
Financial Management. Regularly monitors defined budgets within corporate parameters.
Financial Management. Deal With Others”, “Protection of Resident’s Rights”, and “Miscellaneous Services”. (Ex. 3)