Financial Management Manual definition

Financial Management Manual means the finance, accounting and administration manual referred to in Section 6.01 (d) of this Agreement, and which forms a schedule to the PIM (as hereinafter defined), including internal control procedures relating to the civil works and technical advisory services to be carried out under the Project, a chart of accounts, and the format and content of financial reports and cash flow forecasts;
Financial Management Manual means the manual, dated October 2006, satisfactory to the Association, adopted by the Project Implementing Entity for the purpose of carrying out, monitoring and supervising the financial management aspects of the implementation of the Project, and includes the GPWSC Handbook for Procurement and Financial Management.
Financial Management Manual means the Financial Management Manual, set forth in chapter 5.0 of the PIP (as hereinafter defined), which provides for the financial management and institutional arrangements and obligations under the Project, as such Manual may be amended from time to time by agreement between the Association and Recipient.

Examples of Financial Management Manual in a sentence

  • Budget transfers are processed to make such change.The MOH must observe the following rules regarding budget transfer requests[Government of Liberia Financial Management Manual Section 3.5.5]:a) The MOH cannot transfer from its budget to another ministry or agency’s budget, except for a national emergency whereby the President of Liberia has notified the National Legislature.

  • Financial Management Manual for Externally Financed Projects/Programs in Cambodia.Phnom Penh (September).18 ADB.

  • The Procurement Manual procedures must be followed on all works, goods, and services procured above the value of US$500.Per the Financial Management Manual, Table 5 of the CAG’s office, the schedule of thresholds for procurement is as follows: Procurement Method*In an appropriate case, the PPCC may give blanket approvals for the use of restricted bidding.

  • Develop Financial Management Manual - Financial Business Process MapTrainees – GO and PC technical audit department staff and managers GSP is already developing this manual – it should include effective, standardized, streamlined accounting procedures.

  • A Financial Management Manual would be developed for the project which details the financial management processes such as accounting policy, budgeting, funds flow, internal control framework, accounting, financial reporting and audit arrangement of the project.

More Definitions of Financial Management Manual

Financial Management Manual means the manual dated November 2007, acceptable to the Association and prepared by the Recipient, describing financial management arrangements, as such manual may be amended from time to time with the prior written agreement of the Association.
Financial Management Manual means the Recipient’s manual, to be adopted pursuant to Section I.B.1(a)(iv) of the Annex to the Schedule 2 to this Agreement, as such manual may be amended from time to time with the prior agreement of the World Bank.
Financial Management Manual means the manual adopted by the Recipient pursuant to Section II, B.1 of Schedule 2 to this Agreement as such Manual may be amended with the prior approval by the Administrator.
Financial Management Manual means the Financial Management Manual, referred to in paragraph B of Schedule 4 to this Agreement, that sets out the financial and accounting arrangements for Implementing Partners and the Recipient’s entities, in form and substance satisfactory to the Association;