Other Partners definition

Other Partners means each Partner in the Partnership other than the General Partner.
Other Partners has the meaning set forth in the definition of "Joint Venture."
Other Partners in respect of either or both of the LMLP Partners shall mean Inland and in respect of Inland shall mean either or both of the LMLP Partners.

Examples of Other Partners in a sentence

  • Experience of Applicant, Subrecipient(s), and Other Partners Instructions:Describe the experience of the applicant and potential subrecipients (if any), in effectively utilizing federal funds and performing the activities proposed in the application, given funding and time limitations: This is a required field.

  • If any of the Other Partners declines to purchase his proportion of such interest, the remaining Other Partners may purchase such interest in proportion to their interests in the Partnership (counting for this purpose only the interests in the Partnership of the Other Partners who wish to purchase some or all of the interest to be transferred).

  • If all of the remaining interest proposed to be transferred is not agreed to be purchased by the Other Partners, the Transferor may transfer the remaining interest to the assignee.

  • If the Partnership does not elect to purchase the entire interest, it shall notify the Other Partners of the portion of the interest it did not elect to purchase, and the Other Partners shall have 45 days after expiration of such 60-day period to purchase all, but not less than all, of the interest that the Partnership did not elect to purchase.

  • Such purchase by the Other Partners will be in proportion to the ownership interest in the Partnership owned by such Other Partners (omitting, for purposes of such calculation, the ownership interest owned by the Transferor) unless they agree otherwise.

More Definitions of Other Partners

Other Partners. (or individually, an "Other Partner") shall mean other companies (which may include Investors) with whom LWP has or forms site integration relationships or other relationships relating to the development of content for the LWP Services or for the distribution of End User traffic to or from the LWP Services. "Other Traffic Partners" shall mean Other Partners that, in CIM's reasonable judgment, provide or have the potential to provide substantial amounts of End User traffic to the LWP Services and the CIM Talk City Areas. "Other Content-only Partners" shall mean Other Partners, including but not limited to NBC or Hearst, who have not agreed to split Advertising Inventory with LWP or third parties, including CIM, with respect to Other Partner Joint Content Areas (as defined in Section 4.3.1 hereof).
Other Partners means [names of any other partners than Nordic Partners and Local Partners (if any)], duly organised and existing under the laws of [country/ies of incorporation or establishment] with the registration number(s) [●], teaming up with the Grantee to implement and/or finance the Project.
Other Partners means those Partners other than Partner A. “Partner A” shall mean MXL Industries, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
Other Partners means, with respect to any Partner, all Partners other than such Partner.
Other Partners means any Third Party to which Novartis and/or its Affiliates have sold any of the Products to outside the Territory or Third Parties to which Novartis and/or its Affiliates may sell any of the Products to outside the Territory in the future.
Other Partners means any Third Party to which TXMD, the TXMD Group and/or its Affiliates have sold an Ex-Territory Product or Third Parties to which TXMD, the TXMD Group and/or its Affiliates may sell an Ex-Territory Product in the future.
Other Partners in respect of any or all of the Ramco Partners shall mean the Fund Partners and in respect of any or all of the Fund Partners shall mean the Ramco Partners.