Funding Agency definition

Funding Agency means the trust and/or insurance company and/or any group of individual trustees as eligible under Applicable Pension Laws designated by the Company and holding the whole or a portion of the assets of the Fund at any time pursuant to the terms of a Funding Agreement.
Funding Agency means an organization or individual which provides facilities to receive and accumulate assets to be used either for the payment of benefits under a pension plan, or for the purchase of such benefits, provided such accumulated assets form a part of a pension plan established for the exclusive benefit of the plan participants and their beneficiaries. The fair market value of the assets held by the funding agency as of a specified date is the Funding Agency Balance as of that date.
Funding Agency means the trust or insurance company or companies licensed to do business in Canada and successors thereof as the Company may appoint from time to time to hold, administer and invest the Pension Fund.

Examples of Funding Agency in a sentence

  • All Members shall be subject to discharge to the same extent as if this Plan had never been adopted, and the Company expressly reserves the right to discharge any Employee without any liability on the part of the Company, or the Funding Agency except as provided herein.

  • Federal Funding Agency Mandatory Terms and Conditions The following provisions are required by federal funding agencies in order for expenditures by Authorized Users to be eligible for federal reimbursement in the event of a State declaration of disaster emergency pursuant to Section 28 of the Executive Law.

  • Financial implications The new fee structure will provide an increase in non-accredited fee income, and fee increases on accredited programmes have been set in a way that balances the decrease in Skills Funding Agency fully funded and co-funded rates with the need to maintain learner numbers on these courses, and the Service can sustain the impact of reduced Skills Funding Agency rates for the coming academic year.

  • As required by the Funding Agency, the Contractor will furnish photographs before construction, during construction and upon completion of the project.

  • We intend to revise our guidance for the 2015 HESES and HEIFES surveys to make clear that, with the exception of joint courses, the institution with full contractual responsibility to a student for the provision of educational services is responsible for reporting the student in those surveys and in data returns to HESA or the Skills Funding Agency.

More Definitions of Funding Agency

Funding Agency is a federal office or institute that provided funding for Add Health. Funding agencies are only the offices or institutes providing the funding; other divisions or institutes within the larger organization are not considered funding agencies.
Funding Agency means the ARB or the Energy Commission.
Funding Agency. ’ means the State or an organ of state or a state agency that funds 15 research and development;
Funding Agency means a trust or insurance company, designated by the Board of Trustees to hold the whole or a portion of the assets of the Fund at any time under the terms of the Funding Contract.
Funding Agency means the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada ("SSHRC"). Intellectual Property means all materials, concepts, know-how, formulae, inventions, improvements, industrial designs, processes, patterns, machines, manufactures, compositions of matter, compilations of information, patents and patent applications, copyrights, trade secrets, technology, technical information, software, prototypes and specifications, including any rights to apply for protections under statutory proceedings available for those purposes, provided they are capable of protection at law. Host University means Lakehead University. This is the equivalent of the Network Host Network means the Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic Network (ReSDA). Network Collaborator is a research participant who helps accomplish some of the objectives of the project, but whose participation is not essential to achieving the main scientific objectives of the Network. A Network Collaborator must have been named as such in the Research Network proposal or is named as a new collaborator by the Steering Committee.
Funding Agency means the trust and/or insurance company and/or any group of individual trustees or any combination thereof eligible under Applicable Pension Laws,
Funding Agency. [Identify funding source, if any, for the research. If not funded, delete this bullet.] Study Purpose: [Briefly summarize the study’s purpose and chief aim(s).]