Development Approvals definition

Development Approvals means all permits and other entitlements for use subject to approval or issuance by CITY in connection with development of the Property including, but not limited to:
Development Approvals means all permits, licenses, and/or other entitlements for the Development of the Property, including any and all conditions of approval, subject to approval or issuance by the City in connection with Development of the Property including:
Development Approvals means all, authorisations’, permits, approvals, leases, certifications, licenses, and consents of and from any Government Agency, which are desirable or necessary to enable the Project to be carried out in accordance with the Concept Plan;

Examples of Development Approvals in a sentence

  • If approved, any such change in the Existing Development Approvals shall be incorporated herein as an addendum to Exhibit “C”, and may be further changed from time to time as provided in this Section.

  • COUNTY shall accept for processing, review and action all applications for Subsequent Development Approvals, and such applications shall be processed in the normal manner for processing such matters.

  • The Existing Development Approvals shall not expire and shall remain valid for the Term of this Agreement so long as the Project remains in compliance with all conditions of approval for the Existing Development Approvals and in compliance with this Agreement.

  • The parties acknowledge that refinement and further development of the Project will require Subsequent Development Approvals and may demonstrate that changes are appropriate and mutually desirable in the Existing Development Approvals.

  • The Project shall remain subject to all Subsequent Development Approvals required to complete the Project as contemplated by the Development Plan.

More Definitions of Development Approvals

Development Approvals means final governmental approval of Subdivision Plat(s), Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (“APFO”) requirements, PUD Phase I and II plans (including all Preliminary Plans and Site Plans for the Project and the Off-Site Commercial Properties as applicable), County Water and Sewerage Plan amendments, the Rezoning Ordinance, and all conditions of said approvals that have been satisfied, or acceptable accommodations and/or guarantees have been put in place to satisfy such conditions, and all applicable appeal periods have expired without the filing of any appeal, or, if an appeal(s) was filed, the appeal has been defeated beyond the possibility or existence of further appeal of any kind.
Development Approvals shall have the meaning provided in Section 3.5.
Development Approvals means the following (to the extent applicable to the Developer Property only), land use approvals, plans, maps, permits and entitlements of every kind and nature, including, but not limited to, the 2022 Specific Plan (and any future Specific Plan amendments), General Plan or Zoning Code amendments, site plans, tentative and final subdivision maps, vesting tentative maps, variances, zoning designations, site plan and design review approvals, administrative permits, conditional use permits, sign program permits and approvals, review of building, signage or landscape plans, lot line adjustments, certificates of compliance, planning, construction noise variances, engineering or other approvals required pursuant to the Conditions of Approval, grading, building and other similar permits affecting the Developer Property and other more detailed planning or engineering approvals, CEQA Review and other environmental assessments, including without limitation environmental impact reports (including the 2022 SEIR), any addenda thereto, initial studies, negative declarations, and mitigated negative declarations, any amendments or modifications to those plans, maps, permits, assessments and entitlements and all conditions of approval legally required by City with respect to development of the Developer Property, as a condition to subdivision of the 157 Acre Site and/or implementation of the Project in accordance with this Agreement. The term Development Approvals includes both the Existing Development Approvals and Future Development Approvals, but does not include rules, regulations, policies, and other enactments of general application within the City.
Development Approvals means all permits, licenses, consents, rights and privileges, and other actions subject to approval or issuance by CITY in connection with the Project issued by CITY on or before the Effective Date of this Agreement, including but not limited to:
Development Approvals means: (a) any and all land use and development entitlements, permits and authorizations relating to the Development; (b) utility hook-up rights, water allocations, water rights, sewer capacity, density allocations and other similar rights or approvals regarding the Development; (c) any and all documents, agreements, instruments and/or understandings with any local, state or federal governmental agency concerning the construction and development of any on-site or off-site improvements by one or more of such governmental agencies; and (d) any and all approvals and/or consents required to be obtained in connection with the Development for compliance with any CC&Rs (as such term is defined in the Lease).
Development Approvals means the Final Site Plan and all site specific plans, maps, permits and other entitlements to use of every kind and nature contemplated by the Final Site Plan which are approved or granted by CITY in connection with development of the Property, including, but not limited to: site plans, tentative and final subdivision maps, vesting tentative maps, variances, conditional use permits and grading, building and other similar permits. To the extent any of such site specific plans, maps, permits and other entitlements to use are amended from time to time, "Development Approvals" shall include, if OWNER and CITY agree in writing, such matters as so amended. If this Development Agreement is required by law to be amended in order for "Development Approvals" to include any such amendments, "Development Approvals" shall not include such amendments unless and until this Development Agreement is so amended.
Development Approvals. As defined in Section 3.1.4.