Impact Fees definition

Impact Fees means those fees imposed so that developments bear a proportionate share of the cost of public facilities and service improvements that are reasonably related to the impacts and burdens of the Project, adopted pursuant to Morgan Hill Municipal Code Chapter 3.56 and California Government Code Section 66001 et seq.
Impact Fees means cash contributions, contributions of land or interests in land or any other items of value that are imposed on a developer by a municipality under this section.
Impact Fees. (regardless of when due or whether they are paid as a lump sum or in installments over time) which are required as a condition to the issuance of site plan approval, zoning variances or building permits, which impact fees shall be treated as capital costs of construction and not as Deductions.

Examples of Impact Fees in a sentence

  • School Impact Fees Must Satisfy All Requirements of the Florida Impact Fee Act, Including the Dual Rational Nexus Test asArticulated in Volusia County v.

  • Potential City Impact Fee Economic Incentive Pilot ProgramBackground: On September 28, 2015 and May 9, 2016 the City Council reviewed the City’s Development Impact Fees, including comparisons of nearby communities.

  • The December Study also fails to comply with the requirement that the Impact Fees be based on “the most recent and localized data.” See § 163.31801(3)(a), Fla.

  • Due to putting Pickleball Courts this project will be able to be paid for with Park Impact Fees.

  • Impact Fees AuthorizedUnder State law, the County can collect money from new development based on that development’s proportionate share—the ‘fair share’—of the cost to provide the facilities it needs.

More Definitions of Impact Fees

Impact Fees shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 4.07.A.
Impact Fees which are required of TRS as a condition to the issuance of site plan approval, zoning variances, or building permits; and (4) “Tax-increment financing” or similar financing whereby the municipality or other taxing authority has assisted in financing the construction of the Hotel by temporarily reducing or abating normal Impositions in return for substantially higher levels of Impositions at later dates.
Impact Fees means the monetary amount charged by City in connection with a development project for the purpose of defraying all or a portion of the cost of mitigating the impacts of the development project or development of the public facilities related to the development project, including, any “fee” as that term is defined by Government Code Section 66000(b). For purposes of this Agreement, a fee that meets both the definitions of an Impact Fee and an Exaction, will be considered to be an Impact Fee. Impact Fees do not include Other Agency Fees.
Impact Fees. (regardless of when due or whether they are paid as a lump sum or in installments over time) which are required of Owner as a condition to the issuance of zoning variances or building permits, and similar charges on or relating to the Inn (collectively, "Impositions") during the Term shall be paid by Manager from Gross Revenues, before any fine, penalty, or interest is added thereto or lien placed upon the Inn or upon this Agreement, unless payment thereof is in good faith being contested and enforcement thereof is stayed. Any such payments shall be Deductions in determining Operating Profit. Owner shall, within five (5) days after receipt, furnish Manager with copies of official tax bills and assessments which it may receive with respect to the Inn. Either Owner or Manager (in which case Owner agrees to sign the required applications and otherwise cooperate with Manager in expediting the matter) may initiate proceedings to contest any negotiations or proceedings with respect to any Imposition, and all reasonable costs of any such contest shall be paid from Gross Revenues and shall be a Deduction in determining Operating Profit. Manager shall, as part of its contest or negotiation of any Imposition, be entitled, on Owner's behalf, to waive any applicable statute of limitations in order to avoid paying the Imposition during the pendency of any proceedings or negotiations with applicable authorities.
Impact Fees means monetary fees, exactions or impositions (other than taxes or assessments, Processing Fees, or Connection Fees) whether established for or imposed upon the Project individually or as part of a class of projects, that are imposed by City on the Project in connection with the Project for any purpose, including, without limitation, defraying all or a portion of the cost of public services and/or facilities construction, improvement, operation and maintenance attributable to the burden created by the Project. No Impact Fees shall be applicable to the Project except as provided in this Development Agreement.‌
Impact Fees means and refers to all fees, charges, dedications, obligations, or exactions of any kind whatsoever that may be imposed by the City under existing City Ordinances, existing or future state statues, or as a matter of legal or equitable right arising, directly or indirectly from any Development of the Property.