Conditions of Approval definition

Conditions of Approval means condition(s) imposed by the Municipality in the approval of a land development application, including any conditions contained in the annexure(s) and/or plans and/or attachment(s) that form part of the approval and/or are referred to in the approval of the land development application;
Conditions of Approval means the Conditions of Approval for the Project, including, but not limited to, any conditions associated with the Project Approvals, including, without limitation, those attached hereto as Exhibit B, Conditions of Approval.
Conditions of Approval means the conditions of approval required by the Agency for the approval of this PSE Agreement, including but not limited to conditions relating to compliance with Chapter 6 of the SCVHP and all avoidance, minimization and mitigation measures that are specified in Exhibit 2 hereto.

Examples of Conditions of Approval in a sentence

  • That this approval is subject to the Conditions of Approval all in the attached Staff Report for the hearing date of October 25, 2022, incorporated by reference.

  • Breese, AICP, Secretary Ron Fink, Chair Attachment: Exhibit A – Conditions of Approval Z:\planningagenda\2017\170913\n02a01.docxATTACHMENT 3 ADDENDUM TO LOM 599 – CENTRAL COAST BUSINESS PARK WEST CENTRAL AVENUE - APN: 093-450-014, -015, -016FINAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT SCH # 2014021048 Background: The Lompoc City Council certified the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for the LOM 599 Vesting Tentative Subdivision Map on October 20, 2015.

  • Unless specifically provided otherwise herein or by law, each condition of these Conditions of Approval shall be completed to the satisfaction of the County.

  • The following is a summary of comments: • County Staff – The Public Works Department, Environmental Health Department, and Building Department have reviewed the project and provided comments and/or conditions of approval that are incorporated into the attached Conditions of Approval.

  • No Comments Conditions of Approval Report: Condition 15a Paul Rodriquez inquired about the monitoring of funds in the Environmental Impairment Trust.

More Definitions of Conditions of Approval

Conditions of Approval means an approval of a land development applications in terms of this By-law, granted by the Municipal Planning Tribunal, Authorised official or Municipal Appeals Tribunal in which conditions are imposed, that in the opinion of the Municipality, have to be complied with prior to the land use rights, coming into operation in terms of this By-law, or registrability of any property(ies) as a result of the land development application approval, read with section 43 and 53 of the Act;
Conditions of Approval means, with respect to any portion of the property within the Improvement Area, the conditions of approval of all land use entitlements approved by the City and the conditions of any development agreement, subdivision improvement agreement or other agreement between the Owner and the City relating to such property which conditions must be satisfied in order to develop such property.
Conditions of Approval means the conditions listed in Exhibit B. Note to City: Defined in Recital A.
Conditions of Approval means the conditions of approval imposed from time to time by Drakenstein Municipality in terms of the Drakenstein Planning By-Law.
Conditions of Approval means those conditions of approval for the Project adopted in connection with the granting of the Existing Approvals.
Conditions of Approval means those Conditions of Approval applicable to the Project and contained in Exhibit “C” hereto.
Conditions of Approval means the list of conditions applicable to development of the Project, a copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit “D.”