Development Site definition

Development Site means any parcel or lot on which exists or which is intended for building development other than the following:
Development Site means the land for the Development, as defined by the legal description in the Development Plan and the documents evidencing or securing the Loan.
Development Site means a parcel of land where land disturbing activities have been or will be initiated to complete a land development project.

Examples of Development Site in a sentence

Development site adjoining the proposed development to the east:B/00/0099 – Outline application for residential development – 13/09/2000 B/04/0286 – Variation of Condition 1 of Outline Planning Permission for residential development and extend the consent for a further 5 years.

More Definitions of Development Site

Development Site means the legal boundaries of the parcel or parcels of land for which an applicant has applied for authority from Adams County to carry out a development proposal.
Development Site means real property which is identified by Company or one of its Subsidiaries as the intended location for a store or a shopping center and related improvements to be constructed, remodeled, expanded or renovated by or at the direction of the Developer thereof, which in each case shall include a store intended to be leased to and operated by Company or one of its Subsidiaries.
Development Site means the site the subject of the Planning Application which forms part of the Land and which is shown edged in blue on the Plan.
Development Site means the ground area where any significant earth moving, grading, dredging, filling, building, construction, mining operation, or deposition of refuse, solid or liquid waste other than agricultural waste will occur. It does not include forest land areas where bioash or sludge are spread as a soil additive or fertilizer.
Development Site means any site on which development is undertaken and include but is not limited to residential- business- recreational- or industrial development;
Development Site means a parcel of land approximately 1.4 acres in size located at 525 Fourth Avenue Tax Parcel ID (281240830402401). The Development Site is generally depicted in Exhibit A.
Development Site means any lot or lots on any part of which development is taking place. A capital improvement project or an activity within the right of way that is not associated with land or use changes occurring outside of right of way or public utility easement, does not occur within a