Currently definition

Currently means within the past two years.
Currently means “as of the Effective Date” but “then-current” means the present time when the applicable right is exercised or performance rendered or measured;
Currently means recently enough so that the use of drugs may have an ongoing impact on one’s functioning as a licensee, and includes at least the past two years.

Examples of Currently in a sentence

  • Currently, CCPE is working with the provincial and territorial licensing bodies to identify suitable candidates to take part in the program.

  • Currently there is no monthly service fee for using Virtual Branch Next; however, we may implement a fee as required by applicable federal and/or state regulations and in such case, we will notify you as soon as practicable.

  • Currently, the Registry Gateway Provider is the company NeuStar, Inc.

  • Currently, six lagoons are identified (SWMU 17, SWMU 18, SWMU 21, SWMU 22, SWMU 23, and SWMU 171).

  • Currently, he coordinates Santa Xxxxxxx Unified School District's (SBUSD) ethnic studies program where he develops curriculum, facilitates professional development, and is involved with the district wide roll-out of K-12 Ethnic Studies..

More Definitions of Currently

Currently means “as of the Effective Date” but “then-current” means the present time when the applicable right is exercised or performance rendered or measured; (f) the word “or” will be deemed to be an inclusive “or”; (g) URLs are understood to also refer to successor URLs, URLs for localized content, and information or resources linked from within the websites at such URLs; (h) a writing is “signed” when it has been hand-signed (i.e., with a pen) or electronically signed using an electronic signature service by duly authorized representatives of both parties; (i) a party’s choices, elections, and determinations under this Agreement are in its sole discretion; (j) the singular includes the plural and vice versa; (k) a reference to a document includes any amendment, replacement, or novation of it; and (m) a reference to a thing includes a part of that thing (i.e., is interpreted to include “in whole or in part”).
Currently means at the date of this document.
Currently means sufficiently recent to justify a reasonable belief that the use of drugs may have an ongoing impact on one’s ability to practice medicine. It is not limited to the day of, or within a matter of days or weeks before the date of application, rather that it has occurred recently enough to indicate the individual is actively engaged in such conduct. “Illegal use of drugs” refers to drugs whose possession or distribution is unlawful under the Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. § 812.22. It “does not include the use of a drug taken under supervision by a licensed health care professional, or other uses authorized by the Controlled Substances Act or other provision of Federal law.” The term does include, however, the unlawful use of prescription controlled substances.)
Currently means the development of products or processes as anti-infective therapeutics or diagnostics with an initial emphasis on anti- fungals and commercial use of fungis or yeasts in drug screening, production, development or testing. The Company may modify the definition of its Field of Interest by written notice to you based on the activities in which the Company is then engaged or in which the Company then proposes to be engaged. 57 You further acknowledge and agree that during the course of performing services for the Company as a [consultant/employee], the Company will furnish, disclose or make available to you confidential and proprietary information related to the Company's business and that the Company may provide you with unique and specialized training. You also acknowledge that such confidential information and the training to be provided by the Company have been developed and will be developed by the Company and others with whom the Company has a relationship through the expenditure by the Company and others of substantial time, effort and money and that all such confidential information and training could be used by you to compete with the Company. Accordingly, you hereby agree in consideration of the Company's agreement to engage you as a [consultant/employee] and your compensation thereof and in view of the confidential position to be held by you, the unique and specialized training which the Company may provide you and the confidential nature and proprietary value of the information which the Company may share with you, and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, as follows: During the period during which you perform services for or at the request of the Company (the "Term") and for a period of one year following the expiration or termination of the Term (the "Restricted Term"), whether such termination is voluntary or involuntary, you shall not, without the prior written consent of the Company:
Currently means within the past six months.
Currently means the field of diagnosis, prevention or treatment of diseases or conditions in humans relating to central nervous system and inflammation disorders. You further understand that the Company may expand the definition of its Field of Interest at any time by action of its Board of Directors, which new definition will be binding upon you ten (10) days after written notice to you of such change.
Currently means “as of the Effective Date”, but “then-current” means the present time when the applicable right is exercised or performance rendered or measured; “notify” means to give notice as provided in Section 10.2; each Party's choices under this Agreement are in its sole discretion; “or” is not meant to be exclusive; and any reference to any agreement defined herein shall include such agreement as amended, modified or supplemented in accordance with its terms.