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  • PUBLIC HEARING CLOSED MOTION Moved by Commissioner Ishihara, Second by Chair Gatto to adopt a resolution recommending City Council adopt the proposed General Plan Amendment, Zoning Map Amendment and Amendment to the Stage 2B Preliminary Development Plan of Tract 3694 related to the River Islands Phase 1 Project Ayes: Gatto, Ralmilay, Ishihara Noes: NoneAbsent: Dresser Abstain: Rhodes Motion Carries: 3-0-1-1 Commissioner Rhodes rejoined the commission.

  • Board of Education Roll Call Vote on Action Items 22-BA-037 through 22-BA-046 Motion Aye Nay Abstain AbsentDr.BlumenfeldMs.CreightonMs. EmeryMr. HornickMs.KaltenbachMs. OliverMr. RosaDr.RiihimakiMs. Brennan 9 Yes Votes - Motion Carries FACILITIES/FINANCE:Ms. Brennan - Chair; Dr. Blumenfeld, Mr. Rosa Ms. Brennan provided information that was discussed at both the March 24, 2022 and the April 28, 2022 Facilities & Finance Committee meetings.

  • School personnel may remove your child from his/her current educational placement to an IAES without your consent if he/she: • Carries a weapon to school or to a school function;• Knowingly possesses or uses illegal drugs or sells or solicits the sale of a controlled substance while at school or at a school function; and/or• Has inflicted serious bodily injury upon another person while at school or at a school function.

  • Carries out any other or special assignments or any functions as may be requested by the Board.

  • Elective Course IV – Public AdministrationSemester-III Theory (60 Marks) + Internal Assessment (40 Marks) = Total 100 Marks Theory 60 MarksEach Module Carries 10 Marks Module I Personnel Administration:Importance of human resource development; Recruitment, Training, career advancement, Position; classification, discipline.

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Carries means engages in the transmission of an
Carries means to engage in the transmission of
Carries means engages in the transmission of an elec- tronic communication.
Carries means engages in the transmission of
Carries means engages in the transmission of an electronic commu- nication.