Good and Valuable Consideration Sample Clauses

Good and Valuable Consideration. Executive acknowledges that the payments identified on Exhibit A hereto as being in respect of Executive’s releases, waivers and other covenants contained in the Agreement are in addition to anything of value Executive is entitled to receive from Employer and are good and valuable consideration for this Agreement.
Good and Valuable Consideration. The parties expressly agree that the consideration set forth in this Agreement constitutes good and valuable consideration in addition to anything to which the Employee is already entitled, and the Employer has no independent legal duty to provide the Employee with the consideration set forth in this Agreement, absent the terms of the Agreement itself. The Employee understands and agrees that the Employee will not receive the consideration specified herein, except for the Employee’s execution of this Agreement and the fulfillment of the promises contained herein.
Good and Valuable Consideration. You acknowledge and agree that the Separation Payment and other consideration provided to you under this Agreement represent good and valuable consideration for your General Release and your obligations hereunder.
Good and Valuable Consideration. Executive acknowledges and agrees that the Separation Payments and other consideration provided to Executive under this Agreement exceed anything of value to which Executive is otherwise entitled from the Company and represent good and valuable consideration, to which he is not otherwise entitled, for his General Release and his obligations hereunder.
Good and Valuable Consideration. The Landlord agrees to lease, and the Tenant agrees to take the Property as is where is, under the following conditions:
Good and Valuable Consideration. The Severance Payments and opportunity for continued employment are in addition to anything of value that Executive is entitled to receive from VWR and is good and valuable consideration for this Agreement. Executive agrees to the terms set forth in this Agreement in return for VWR’s promise to provide Executive with the Severance Payments to which he would otherwise not be entitled.
Good and Valuable Consideration. The payments and other consideration promised in paragraphs 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 (collectively the “Severance Payment”) are in addition to anything of value Executive is entitled to receive from Company and are good and valuable consideration for this Agreement.

Related to Good and Valuable Consideration

  • FOR GOOD AND VALUABLE CONSIDERATION Borrower hereby forever relieves, releases, and discharges Bank and its present or former employees, officers, directors, agents, representatives, attorneys, and each of them, from any and all claims, debts, liabilities, demands, obligations, promises, acts, agreements, costs and expenses, actions and causes of action, of every type, kind, nature, description or character whatsoever, whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, absolute or contingent, arising out of or in any manner whatsoever connected with or related to facts, circumstances, issues, controversies or claims existing or arising from the beginning of time through and including the date of execution of this Amendment (collectively “Released Claims”). Without limiting the foregoing, the Released Claims shall include any and all liabilities or claims arising out of or in any manner whatsoever connected with or related to the Loan Documents, the Recitals hereto, any instruments, agreements or documents executed in connection with any of the foregoing or the origination, negotiation, administration, servicing and/or enforcement of any of the foregoing.

  • Good and Marketable Title The Selling Shareholder now has and at the Closing Time will have good and marketable title to the Securities to be sold by it, free and clear of any liens, encumbrances, equities and claims, and full right, power and authority to effect the sale and delivery of the Securities. Upon the delivery of, against payment for, the Securities pursuant to this Agreement and the Bidder Letter with each Winning Bidder and, assuming a Winning Bidder does not have notice of any adverse claim (within the meaning of the Uniform Commercial Code as in effect in the State of New York), such Winning Bidder will acquire good and marketable title thereto, free and clear of any liens, encumbrances, equities and claims.

  • The Consideration 9.1. In consideration for the successful completion of the Works, the timely supply of the R350HT Rails and the fulfillment of all of Supplier's obligations pursuant to this Agreement including, without limitation, the Warranty and all accompanying services and equipment to ISR's full satisfaction as required in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Supplier shall be entitled to receive payment in accordance with the Consideration Annex attached hereto as Annex B (the “Consideration”).

  • Adequate Consideration The parties hereto irrevocably stipulate and agree that they have each received adequate and independent consideration for the performance of the obligations they have undertaken pursuant to this Amendment.

  • Financial Considerations 5.1 In the event aggregate funding provided to SCDDO from county, state and/or federal sources is reduced or in any way becomes insufficient to fund this Agreement, the obligations of both SCDDO and the CSP must thereupon be: (1) reduced on a pro rata basis, or (2) renegotiated or terminated, provided that any termination of this Agreement must be without prejudice to any obligations or liabilities of the parties accrued prior to the termination.

  • FINANCIAL CONSIDERATION A. The College/University and the Facility shall each bear their own costs associated with this Agreement and no payment is required by either the College/University or the Facility to the other party, except that, where applicable, the Facility shall pay the tuition and other educational fees of students it places in the clinical experience program.

  • Share Consideration (a) At the Closing, the Limited Partners other than those Limited Partners who vote against the Merger and affirmatively elect to receive notes (the "Note Option") will be allocated American Spectrum Common Shares (the "Share Consideration") in accordance with the final Prospectus/Consent Solicitation Statement included in the Registration Statement.

  • Total Consideration The aggregate consideration (the "Consideration") payable by the Surviving Partnership in connection with the merger of the Merged Partnership with and into the Surviving Partnership shall be $9,580,000., subject to adjustments at Closing pursuant to Section 3.9 and costs paid pursuant to Section 3.10(c) and Section 3.11, plus the amount of any tax or other reserves held by the Existing Lender (hereinafter defined).

  • Fair Consideration The consideration received by the Company upon the sale of the Mortgage Loans under this Agreement constitutes fair consideration and reasonably equivalent value of the Mortgage Loans.

  • Acquisition Consideration As consideration for the sale of the Company Membership Interests of the Sellers to Buyer, Buyer shall immediately issue and deliver to Sellers that number of shares (rounded upward to the nearest whole share) of Buyer’s voting common stock, par value $0.001 per share (the “Buyer Common Stock”) as set forth in Schedule 2.02. The issuance and delivery of the Acquisition Shares is intended to be exempt from the registration requirements of the Securities Act pursuant to 4(2) thereof and Rule 506 of Regulation D promulgated thereunder; and exempt from the registration or qualification requirements of any applicable state securities laws. As a result, the Acquisition Shares may not be offered, sold, or transferred by the holder thereof until either a registration statement under the Securities Act or applicable state securities laws shall have become effective with regard thereto, or an exemption under the Securities Act and applicable state securities laws is available with respect to any proposed offer, sale or transfer.