Section 12.4 Sample Clauses

Section 12.4. 47 The District shall provide tort liability coverage for all employees subject to this Agreement.
Section 12.4. 37 Abolishment Retained‌ The City Manager shall retain the authority to abolish any promoted positions in the police Department in accord with Section 124.37 of the Revised Code or any successor statute. This authority shall not be limited in any manner by the terms of Section 2 hereof.
Section 12.4. 34 Employees who are absent from duty for reasons other than those provided for in the Agreement, as 35 stated in Article X, will be suspended without pay for three (3) days for first violation and subject to 36 termination for second violation within any three (3) year period of time. Such discipline includes, but 37 is not limited to, violation or misuse of any leave provision included within this Agreement. 38
Section 12.4. 2 All employees subject to this Agreement shall be entitled to participate in a tax shelter annuity plan 3 mutually agreeable to the District and the Association. On receipt of a written authorization by an 4 employee, the District shall make the requisite withholding adjustments and deductions from the 5 employee's salary. 9 ARTICLE X I I I 11 VOCATIONAL TRAINING
Section 12.4. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall require Association membership of 9 employees who object to such membership based on bona fide religious tenets or teachings of a church 10 or religious body of which such employee is a member. Such employee shall pay an amount 11 equivalent to normal dues to a non-religious charity or other charitable organization mutually agreed 12 upon by the employee and the Association. The employee shall furnish written proof that such 13 payment has been made. If the employee and the Association cannot agree on such matter, it shall be 14 resolved by the Public Employment Relations Commission pursuant to RCW 41.56.122.
Section 12.4. 2 Meetings between the employee and District shall occur at times set by the District which shall be 3 mutually as convenient as possible.