Article definition

Article means an article of this Agreement unless another document is specifically referenced.
Article means a numbered article of this Security Agreement, unless another document is specifically referenced.
Article means an article of this Agreement.

Examples of Article in a sentence

Refer to Article III for detailed definitions and requirements for each of the following land uses.

If the Principal/Owner has disqualified the Bidder(s) from the Tender process prior to the award of the Contract or terminated/determined the Contract or has accrued the right to terminate/determine the Contract according to Article 3(1), the Principal/Owner apart from exercising any legal rights that may have accrued to the Principal/Owner, may in its considered opinion forfeit the entire amount of Earnest Money Deposit, Performance Guarantee and Security Deposit of the Bidder/Contractor.

If the Bidder(s)/Contractor(s), either before award or during execution of Contract has committed a transgression through a violation of Article 2 above or in any other form, such as to put his reliability or credibility in question, the Principal/Owner after giving 14 days notice to the contractor shall have powers to disqualify the Bidder(s)/Contractor(s) from the Tender process or terminate/determine the Contract, if already executed or exclude the Bidder/Contractor from future contract award processes.

Those implementing acts shall be adopted in accordance with the examination procedure referred to in Article 64(2).

Selection will be in accordance with Article 16.11.05 and Letter of Understanding No. 4.

More Definitions of Article

Article means an Article of the Plan.
Article means an article of this Plan.
Article means an article of the Constitution;
Article means an Article of this Constitution;
Article means the principal subdivisions of these Bylaws.
Article means any object, material, device or substance, or whole or partial copy thereof, including any writing, record, document, recording, drawing, sample, specimen, prototype, model, photograph, culture, microorganism, blueprint or map [415 ILCS 5/7.1].
Article means an article of this Contract and the termArticles” means more than one Article.