Warranty Claim Sample Clauses

Warranty Claim. 5.1 The ‘Buyer’ shall notify or contact, within 1 month, their ‘Reseller’ or LG Energy Solution if the purchased or installed ‘Products’ are found to be defective, damaged and/or when the quality-related problems occur by using the Contact point in Article 10.
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Warranty Claim. User must notify Seller in writing of any warranty claim promptly after it becomes aware of the failure of any Product or Service to conform to this Warranty Policy. Unless otherwise provided herein or instructed by Seller when making a warranty claim, User will obtain a Return Material Authorization number from Seller and return the Product to Seller at User’s expense. User must also provide any information, documentation and materials requested by Seller when making a warranty claim, which may include proof of purchase and serial number. If User purchased the Product from a distributor, Seller may require User to make a warranty claim with such distributor instead of to Seller.
Warranty Claim. Any claim by any Contributor Indemnified Party or any OP Indemnified Party pursuant to Section 8(a) with respect to a claimed breach by the Operating Partnership or the Contributor of a representation or warranty (a "Warranty Claim") shall expire at the OP Claim Termination Date or the Contributor Claim Termination Date, as applicable, unless prior thereto, the party making a claim hereunder has delivered written notice to the other party. If any written notice of claim has been given by any OP Indemnified Party to Contributor prior to the OP Claim Termination Date or by any Contributor Indemnified Party to the Operating Partnership prior to the Contributor Claim Termination Date, then the relevant representations, warranties and indemnities shall survive the OP Claim Termination Date or Contributor Claim Termination Date, as applicable, as to (but only as to) such Warranty Claim, until such Warranty Claim has been finally resolved.
Warranty Claim. To make a claim or for service under this Limited Warranty, you must notify Ambient in writing, providing the date of claim, contact information of claimant, address of installation, installer’s contact information, description of the product involved, and nature of the defect at xxxx@xxxxxxxxx.xxx. At Ambient’s sole option, Ambient may retain the services of, or require the claimant to retain the services of, as a condition of warranty coverage, an inspector to examine the Product and its installation. Such inspection, if requested by Ambient, must take place within the earlier of: (1) sixty (60) days after the claimant becomes aware of the subject condition, or (2) forty five (45) days after Ambient is informed of the subject condition. The findings of the inspection shall not be binding on Ambient or dispositive of any warranty dispute, but if the inspection finds that a defect exists in the Product within the scope of this Limited Warranty, Ambient may reimburse the claimant for the commercially reasonable cost of the inspection, in addition any other remedy, at its sole discretion, that may arise under the Limited Warranty. This Limited Warranty shall be interpreted under and by the laws of the State of Maryland, excluding conflicts of law provisions. Any action to enforce or interpret the terms of this Limited Warranty shall be brought exclusively in the courts of the State of Maryland (or the counties thereof) sitting in Howard County, Maryland, or (to the extent the requirements of federal court jurisdiction are satisfied) in the courts of the United States sitting in the State of Maryland, and by accepting delivery of the Product the customer and/or end user consents to the exclusive jurisdiction and proper venue of such courts.
Warranty Claim. On or before April 30, 1999, Seller shall have asserted in writing a warranty claim in respect of the repair of the floor and foundation at the Carbondale, Illinois facility and shall have assigned all its rights under such warranty claim to Buyer.
Warranty Claim. A claim, or a notice of a claim, by Contractor for correction or remediation of Defective Work pursuant to the Warranty.
Warranty Claim. Xxxxx’s right in the event of any Product flaws and defects on the basis of the principles specified in these GWC.
Warranty Claim. In the event Licensee has a warranty claim Licensee must first check for and install all Updates that are made available. The warranty will not otherwise be honored. Proof of purchase may be required. Hemisphere does not honor claims asserted after the end of the Warranty Period.
Warranty Claim. 7.1 Unless expressly stipulated in the Sales Contract, the Seller makes no warranty or condition, expressly or impliedly, as to the fitness or suitability of the goods for any particular or use or the merchantability thereof.
Warranty Claim. Any claim under this Enhanced Warranty is subject to you notifying Aegex or an Aegex authorized service company of the defect within a reasonable time of it having come to your attention and in any event no later than before the expiration of the Warranty Period. When making a claim under this Enhanced Warranty you will be required to provide all of the following: