End User Sample Clauses

End User. This agreement shall bind the ordering activity as end user but shall not operate to bind a Government employee or person acting on behalf of the Government in his or her personal capacity.
End User. Billing Xxxx Atlantic will provide Carrier with unrated EMR records for use in the billing of Carrier’s end users for Services. The rating, billing, and settlement of end-user charges for the calls are the responsibility of Carrier.
End User. A third-party residence or business that is the ultimate subscriber to service(s) provisioned by a Party to this Agreement.
End User. The ultimate user or consumer of the telecommunications services being sold or resold by either Party.
End User. An individual or program generating a request for information, responding to a request for information, publishing information to a list of recipients or receiving published information through the Carequality Elements.
End User. A person who uses the imaging equipment for one of its main functions (e.g. printing, scanning, copying). The end-user has control over the environmental impact of the product by choosing the type and weight of paper and by using duplex and/or n-up printing. Further, the end-user can be expected to exhange consumables e.g. cartridges.
End User person(s) or entity(ies) that acquires a Product for productive use rather than resale or distribution.
End User. An “End User” is you, an individual or entity, which receives the Models from Licensee or Authorized Licensee User pursuant to this End User Agreement to use in the regular course of your affairs, but not for resale, modification, distribution or exploitation by third parties without AnyLogic’s prior written consent.
End User. In the event the BellSouth End User terminates its BellSouth provided retail voice service for any reason, or in the event BellSouth disconnects the End User’s retail voice service pursuant to its tariffs or applicable law, and International Telnet desires to continue providing xDSL service on such sub-loop, International Telnet shall be required to purchase a full stand-alone sub- loop pursuant to the PartiesInterconnection Agreement. To the extent commercially reasonable, BellSouth shall give International Telnet notice in a reasonable time prior to disconnection of the retail voice End User. Such notice shall give International Telnet an adequate opportunity to notify BellSouth of its intent to purchase such sub-loop. In those cases where BellSouth no longer provides retail voice service to the End User and International Telnet purchases the full stand-alone sub-loop. International Telnet will pay the appropriate recurring and nonrecurring rates for such sub-loop. In the event International Telnet purchases a standalone voice grade sub-loop, International Telnet acknowledges that such sub-loop may not remain xDSL compatible.
End User. If the Buyer of the Products is not the end user, the Buyer is obliged to name (i) the end user, (ii) the Equipment, (iii) the Equipment number and (iv) the country where the Products are used.