Email Sample Clauses

Email. You acknowledge that we are able to send electronic mail to you and receive electronic mail from you. You release us from any claim you may have as a result of any unauthorised copying, recording, reading or interference with that document or information after transmission, for any delay or non-delivery of any document or information and for any damage caused to your system or any files by a transfer.
Email. The named exhibitor wishes to exhibit at the above named activity for the amount of $
Email. A notice, request, certificate, approval, demand, consent or other communication to be given under this Agreement may only be given by email where the recipient has separately agreed that that communication or communications of that type, may be given by email.
Email. 1. Email transmissions and transmitted data shall not be considered confidential and may be monitored at any time by designated staff to ensure appropriate use.
Email. The Project Manager for the Engineer shall maintain an Internet email address and notify the Inspection Branch of the State Bridge Division if it changes. The State will use this e-mail to distribute all bulletins, policy changes, and updates to the Statewide Consultant Pool for Bridge Inspections.
Email. Enter the email address you would like to use for communication.
Email. While access to us through the secure email function of the Services is "online," messages sent to us through email are not reviewed by our personnel immediately after they are sent. If immediate attention is required, you must contact us by telephone or in person. The email function is not intended for use by you to initiate a transaction on your account(s), including check stop payment orders. If you send us an email message outside of the secure logon feature within the Services, your communication will not be secure and our receipt and response to the email may be further delayed. You agree not to rely on any form of email communication for any matter requiring immediate attention. Your secure email messages may be acted upon by us if received in a manner and in a time providing us a reasonable opportunity to act. Nevertheless, unless otherwise provided herein, email messages will not serve as a substitute for any requirement imposed on you to provide us with "written" notice. Email or messages sent by us to you will be deemed received by you when sent by us to you at your email address as shown on our records. You agree to notify us (using the Service or otherwise in a form acceptable to us) whenever your email address or physical address changes. You agree that information or messages made available to you via the Services will be deemed received by you when first posted on our website or made available to you. You agree to access the Service from time to time, in no event less than monthly, to access this information or the messages. If you fail to update or change an incorrect email address or other contact information, you understand and agree that any email shall nevertheless be deemed to have been provided to you if the email was sent to the email or other contact we have on file for you.
Email. Please accept this as a request to bid the Project outlined herein, under the terms of the Enabling Procedures of the Insulators Mainland Nova Scotia Local 116 Agreement currently in force. PROJECT: OWNER: LOCATION: VALUE: BID TO: INSULATORS 116 LABOUR TENDER CLOSING DATE: HOURS: START DATE: COMPLETION DATE: KNOWN BIDDERS: UNION NON-UNION In order to be competitive, I, as the Contractor bidding, request the following target rates and conditions:
Email. I hereby submit this contract for a sponsorship and agree to abide by the policies and procedures as outlined in this contract. Authorized Representative Date: SPE Representative Date: SPE Internal Use Only Contract Received: Full Payment Received: COMPANY NAME: SPE Workshop Sponsorship Contract
Email. The Company agrees that the contact data of the Authorized Users and other company contact information may be used by OTC Markets Group to provide the Company with news, service updates, product information, and compliance notices. In addition, the Company agrees that the contact information of its Authorized Users may be provided or sold to third parties. The Company and the Authorized Users may select to opt out of these communications by using the unsubscribe link in the emails.