Undertakes Sample Clauses

Undertakes a comprehensive HR project support function to ensure the effective implementation of strategic and project deliverables, which includes:  Consultation with HSS, other HSPs and external agencies regarding job placements;  Provision of high-level assistance and support to SMHS managers to successfully transfer employees in accordance with Public Sector Commission’s Employment Standard and WA Health policies and procedures;  Provision of case management support to affected employees, including advice regarding entitlements, processes and redeployment obligations;  Assistance with site roll-out of communication plans to staff; and  Assistance with the administration of skills audits, training needs analyses and subsequent training plans and delivery for successful workforce projects.
Undertakes key aerial ignition roles, for the purpose of aerial fire suppression operations, when trained and operationally endorsed to do so. Roles include Incendiary Operations Supervisor (IOS) and Aerial Incendiary Equipment Operator (AIEO).
Undertakes a role as a champion for Organ and Tissue Donation within the healthcare and broader communities.
Undertakes. not to give any direction to DDCM, the Company or the Directors, and not to take any other action, which is inconsistent with his obligations to DDCM or the authorities conferred by him under this agreement; and
Undertakes and maintains quality data entry into computer patient information systems and databases and other electronic records as required.
Undertakes inspections and reviews of facilities and services relating to the adequacy of security arrangements and prepares reports with recommendations on any improvements/enhancements that can be made.
Undertakes a comprehensive and accurate nursing assessment of clients in a variety of settings Demonstrate consistency in the role modelling of expert practice/ advanced assessment, critical analysis and enquiry skills with the complex˜ client*, educating, coaching and supporting health team members in the use of appropriate assessment tools and methods Competency 2.3 Ensures documentation is accurate and maintains confidentiality of information Demonstrate consistency in the role modelling, education and coaching of colleagues to ensure documentation consistently meets client* confidentiality, legislative and organisational documentation standards Competency 2.4 Ensures the client has adequate explanation of the effects, consequences and alternatives of proposed treatment options In your nursing practice, consistently role model and educate health team members in MCH / organisational client* informed consent process, ensuring the client* makes an informed choice Competency 2.5 Acts appropriately to protect oneself and others when faced with unexpected client responses, confrontation, personal threat or other crisis situations Reflect on your application of expert knowledge and role modelling of expert practice in your management of a critical or unexpected event / client* response, any change you initiated in emergency management and your role in the education / implementation of that change Competency 2.6 Evaluates client’s progress toward expected outcomes in partnerships with clients Demonstrate by using critical analysis and reflection, evidence, how you consistently role model and provide leadership in reflection, evaluation, revision/audit of appropriate nursing practice and expected outcomes of care by self and team, demonstrating a safe outcome for the client* Competency 2.7 Provides health education appropriate to the needs of the client within a nursing framework Consistently demonstrate role modelling, coordination, education and health team coaching in complex client* care, demonstrating evaluation of the effectiveness of nursing interventions and health education Competency 2.8 Reflects upon and evaluates with peers and experienced nurses the effectiveness of nursing care Demonstrate by using evidence based practice, how you consistently role model, coach and support colleagues through formal and informal debriefing / analysis / reflection in the management of complex˜ client* care e.g. case study, quality project.
Undertakes. Article 7.1 Before the obligations under this contract have been completely fulfilled, Party B hereby undertakes to Party A:
Undertakes. Article 8.1 Before the obligations of the principal debtor under the principal contract is completely fulfilled, Party B hereby undertakes to Party A: