Role Model Sample Clauses

Role Model. ( ) Is a positive role model to community, students, and staff in speaking, appearance, and actions. Comments:
Role Model. The Superintendent understands that the position for which he has been hired is an administrative position in the School District with considerable responsibility. The Superintendent understands that this position has high visibility in the School District and, in that capacity, the Superintendent is viewed as a role model for students, staff and the School District community. The Superintendent agrees to act in a professional manner consistent with School District policies, practices, rules, regulation and state and federal law.
Role Model. Participation in sports is a privilege and not a right, and athletes are expected to represent our school, coach, teammates, and community with honor, on and off the field and both in and out of season.
Role Model. One particular person or group of people can change the life course of an individual by setting an example that he would admire and want to follow (Xxx, 2011). Unfortunately, STEM role models are overshadowed by idols fabricated by popular media such as musicians, and actors who often give the wrong example through their unacceptable work ethics and poor moral character (Shin, Levy, & Xxxxxx, 0000; Xxx Xxxxx, 2000) Early Immersion into STEM Education Researchers have diverging opinions on the right time to expose children to a specific subject, such as STEM (Xxxxxxx et al., 2018). However, they all agree that the earlier children are exposed to these topics, the easier it becomes to embrace them (Kesar & Halcombe, 2019). This early exposure is often the key to the self-efficacy needed to make career choices (Xxxxx et al., 2013; Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, & Xxxxxxx, 2018; Xxxxxxxx, 2011). Media/Entertainment The way specific characters are portrayed by the media can have a lasting impact on the young minds of students. In particular, the advent of social media has provided an unprecedented platform for opinions and ideas to be shared instantaneously and globally.
Role Model. ✓ being a role model to younger students through my behaviour and by being in full and complete uniform each day. I understand that honouring this contract will help to ensure that my results, reports and references are outstanding. I also understand that failing to honour this contract may result in: • Loss of Senior Student privileges (e.g. Semi-Formal, Formal, Senior Jersey); • Disciplinary consequences (e.g. lunch, afternoon detentions through to suspension); • Cancellation of Enrolment – for persistent or serious breaches.
Role Model. The coach is responsible for setting an example for his or her players and setting the tone for the program. A coach who behaves professionally will encourage others around him or her to do the same. They must exhibit proper leadership and conduct, be fair and consistent disciplinarians, show respect to opponents and officials, and coach every player on their team. Coaches must be a strong, positive, respectful role model for his or her athletes by being a consistent ambassador of the game and of Naples. All coaches are expected to have an understanding of the Finger Lakes High School Athletic Association and Section V rules and regulations governing their sport. Athletic Trainer: Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx ● Our Athletic Trainer will be on campus during various times of the week, typically 2-3 days ● Her schedule will be different each month. See athletic director for schedule ● Please refer students to our athletic trainer immediately after an injury occurs ● If an injury occurs at an away game, or while she is not there, please fill out the injury report and send her and the athletic directors an email. Prior to participation: ● All athletes must be signed up on FamilyID before they can participate ● Once they are cleared you will see “Approved” next to their name ● If you do not see that, they can not begin practicing Attendance: *Coaches may not count a game/scrimmage as a practice in terms of NYS eligibility ● Coaches are expected to be on time for all games, practices and any other events. If your game or practice does not start immediately after the school day ends, students need to know where they are supposed to be until a coach arrives. Coaches are also expected to remain with the students at all times. This includes waiting until the last student has been picked up by the parent or guardian at the end of practices, games and other events. When a coach is visibly present it eliminates many behavioral and safety issues. Please keep an eye on students at all times. ● Students are expected to be on time to all practices, games and other events. Students must be in school by 8:00am to be eligible to participate on that day (unless excused and provide a yellow sports pass). Students must clearly communicate to coaches before this occurs. Coaches must keep a log of all attendance records for the students-athletes. Coaches become responsible for their players as soon as the player shows up to practice or games. ● If a coach is sick or has an emergency the day of...
Role Model. SROs will serve as a positive role model for students to reinforce sound decision-making and good judgment, respect for self and others, and xxxxxx a sincere concern for the school community and the community at large. ● Classroom Instructor/Teaching Partner: SROs will offer an additional educational resource by sharing their expertise in the classroom through co-teaching. SRO classroom presentation topics may include, but are not limited to: bullying and aggression; Internet safety; drug and opioid abuse; good citizenship (i.e., Xxxx of Rights, Constitution, etc.); and state law and municipal code emphasizing student concerns (e.g., vaping ordinance, bicycle/roller blading restrictions in public areas, etc.); and Healthy Living Month and SEL/Second Steps lessons.
Role Model. Perhaps the most influential role you will have this year is that of role modeling. As the RA in a given community you carry all of the benefits and responsibilities of being a leader among your peers. We believe that the influence from one’s peer group is greater than from anyone else; thus we are committed to having students serve in this role. Given this leadership role it is critical that you espouse characteristics and emulate behaviors that are in alignment with the mission of the department. Modeling also includes upholding and personally adhering to all of the policies, procedures, and community standards set forth for residential communities. Community Leader – RAs are responsible for supporting and developing relationships that help students form connections with each other and the university. In order to facilitate community, it is critical that you are visible and available to your floor and hall communities. Some areas you will be responsible for as a community leader include knowing all members of the floor [section], facilitating community and roommate agreements, coordinating community building efforts, promoting hall leadership opportunities, and fostering a strong academic climate. RAs will work with their direct supervisor to support and implement the Community Development Model (CDM).

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