Use of Water Sample Clauses

Use of Water. LESSEE shall have the right to use water produced during operations under this lease as is reasonably necessary for operations under this lease except water from wxxxx or tanks of the surface owner or any surface lessee; provided, however, LESSEE shall not use potable water or water suitable for livestock or irrigation purposes for operations without the prior written consent of the COMMISSIONER.
Use of Water. (a) No sale or other disposal of project water delivered to the District pursuant to this contract shall be made by the District for use of such water outside the District which would, in the judgment of the State, materially impair the District’s capacity to make payments to the State as provided for in this contract. Except insofar as such water is sold by the District to the United States, the State of California, or to purchasers for use within areas which are outside the areas proposed to be served by the State with water made available by the system, project water delivered to the District pursuant to this contract shall not be sold or otherwise disposed of by the District for use outside the District without the prior written consent of the State. The District shall notify the State as promptly as feasible of all sales or other disposals of project water made or proposed to be made by the District for use outside the District. 27 Amended: Amendment 25
Use of Water. 8.1 Subject to sections 415D, 434J and 451E of the Corporations Act, the Customer must not take water from the Company's Supply Works:
Use of Water. (a) Water supplied under this Agreement may be used only for domestic and stock purposes unless otherwise approved in writing by WaterNSW.
Use of Water. The landowners each agree and acknowledge that they will only use the water for purposes other than irrigation, and will not breach the terms of the Committee’s Water Use Registration. Landowner to read meter Each landowner must, immediately after the cessation of the supply of water to his land, read the recording meter of his child meter and report that reading directly to the secretary or otherwise in accordance with the Connections Agreement. Notification of changes in landowner’s details A landowner must notify the secretary;
Use of Water. Permission for the use of City water shall be obtained directly from the Philadelphia Water Department. Water may be obtained through a hydrant attachment or as otherwise as specified by the Project Manager. In all cases, ESCO and its Subcontractors shall obtain and use such water in accordance with regulations of the Water Department. No charge will be made for the use of water actually used for the construction work.
Use of Water. Cooler The Retailer's customers and employees shall have unlimited use of the drinking water from the AquaCell water cooler in the Participating Locations.
Use of Water. Said well shall be used solely for purposes for Residence on Parcel _ and residences on Parcel .
Use of Water. No camp water is to be used for washing or hosing off vehicles, also no tot pools. Trailers, golf-carts and boats may be washed, but not five days before or after a holiday weekend. Always shut off your water when leaving for the week.