The Research Project Sample Clauses

The Research Project. 4.1. The Participants shall execute the Research Project in accordance with the Project Application, the Budget and the ICA.
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The Research Project. 2.1 The University shall carry out its Project Responsibilities with reasonable skill and care, and in accordance with the timetable and scope set out specifically in the Project Plan (Schedule 2) in connection to The Patents which is the condition precedent of the Research Project.
The Research Project. Cefic-LRI undertakes to sponsor the following Research Project: Pls. insert short description of the project. The details of the research project including the time line and milestones are described in Appendix 1 and summarised in the following table : Deliverables Milestones Timing The Research Institute agrees to carry out the Research Project as described in Appendix 1 and 2 and shall ensure that appropriate scientific staff shall be available. The Research Institute shall solely be responsible for the organisation of such co-operation and ensure that all deliverables and milestones are timely delivered. The Research Institute shall put in place necessary legal arrangements for this. This may include sub-contracting which shall not be deemed contrary to Article 5 of the present agreement. The Research Institute agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Cefic, its officers, directors, employees against all damages, liabilities or costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees and defence costs, to the extent caused by the Research Institute's negligent or wilful acts in the performance of the Research Project and the negligent or wilful acts of its subcontractors, except to the extent caused by negligence of Cefic. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, the Research Institute’s total liability under this Agreement shall be limited to the total amount of remuneration pursuant to Article 3. The Research Institute shall publish at least one article related to the Research Project in the open access literature.
The Research Project. The parties will collaborate in the performance of the Research Project, pursuant to the following terms and conditions:
The Research Project. 4.1 In accordance with the principles of freedom and independence of research, the Recipient shall be free to choose the topic within macroeconomics with emphasis on monetary and financial stability issues and to conduct the Research Project in cooperation with the Host Institution.
The Research Project. Proposal Summary: During mechanical interaction with our environment, we derive a perceptual experience which may be compared to the experience that results from acoustic and optic stimulation. Progress has been made towards the discovery of mechanisms subserving the conscious experience of interacting with mechanical objects. This progress is due in part to the availability of new instruments that can tightly control mechanical stimulation of both the ascending, i.e. sensory, and descending, i.e. motor, pathways. The research program describes the design of new mechanical stimulation delivery equipment capable of fine segregation of haptic cues at different length scales and different time scales so that controlled stimuli may be delivered with the ease and accuracy which is today possible when studying vision or audition. The purpose of this equipment is to disentangle and recombine the individual cues used by the brain to recover the attributes of an object, leading to the identification of the computations that must be performed to achieve a perceptual outcome. In vision and audition, much is known of the nature of the peripheral and central computations, but in touch, for lack of proper equipment, little is known. From this knowledge, I aim at developing a theory of haptic perception which rests on the observation that these computations are distributed in the physics of mechanical contact, in the biomechanics of the hand, including the skin, the musculoskeletal organization, innervation, and in central neural processes. This research program is rich in applications ranging from improved diagnosis of pathologies, to rehabilitation devices, to haptic interfaces now part of consumer products and virtual reality systems. Specific Aims The research program, for the next five years, is inspired by Xxxxx Xxxx’x notion that the computations performed by the central nervous systems in perceptual tasks must be organized by levels of abstraction and that these computations must solve specific problems independently from their implementation [1]. It is therefore needed to develop techniques able to delineate those levels of abstractions in haptic perception. I propose to articulate a research program according to the scheme outline in Table A. Each part of the program addresses a specific time scale and a specific length scale, and has distinct hypotheses; it proposes apparatuses able of delivering appropriate stimuli and to control and measure motoric behavior;...
The Research Project. 7.1 The manner in which, and the extent to which the Material may be used by the Recipient are as follows: The deidentified Material, obtained from [Collaborators’ institution] will be merged with the existing database from other contributing studies. The merged database will be used in the analysis to answer research questions; which will be predetermined by the core research group.
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The Research Project. 2.1 Cefic-LRI undertakes to sponsor the following Research Project: Pls. insert short description of the project The details of the Research Project including the time line and milestones are described in Appendix 1 and summarised in the following table: Deliverables Milestones Timing
The Research Project. The Project proposal
The Research Project. In order to make the most of your internship experience, you are required to complete a writing assignment that analyzes a political issue relevant to the work of your office. Final writing projects should be 8-20 pages (depending on units, see below) and should be based on substantial scholarly research, including consideration of the relevant literature. The focus should be on a specific policy or issue related to your internship. Please discuss your project in detail with the Internship Coordinator to tailor the assignment to your interests.
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