Informed choice definition

Informed choice means that the consumer is presented with complete and unbiased information on his or her long-term care options, including, but not limited to, the benefits, shortcomings, and potential consequences of those options, upon which he or she can base his or her decision.
Informed choice means a voluntary decision made by the Enrollee or the Enrollee's legal representative, after becoming familiar with the alternatives, and having been provided sufficient relevant written and oral information at an appropriate comprehension level and in a manner consistent with the Enrollee's or the Enrollee's legal representative's primary mode of communication.
Informed choice means a decision made after considering options based on adequate and accurate information and knowledge. These options are developed through collaboration with the individual and his authorized representative, as applicable, and the provider with the intent of empowering the individual and his authorized representative to make decisions that will lead to positive service outcomes.

Examples of Informed choice in a sentence

  • Upadhyay UD, Informed choice in family planning: helping people decide, Population Reports, 2001, Series J, No. 47; and Lipkin M.

  • Informed choice requires that we know a) how things generally work out for the happiness of people in general, b) how they have worked out for the happiness of people like us, and c) how the choice is currently working out for our own happiness (cf.

  • Informed choice in antenatal Down syndrome screening: a cluster-randomised trial of combined versus separate visit testing.

  • Informed choice in mammography screening: a randomized trial of a decision aid for 70-year-old women.

  • Informed choice is an ongoing process and partnership with an applicant or client which provides that individual the opportunity to make decisions and selections regarding their options and methods to secure these services.

More Definitions of Informed choice

Informed choice means the individual has the mental capacity, adequate information, and freedom from undue influence to understand the current situation, understand the options available and their likely consequences, be able to reasonably choose from among those options, and communicate that choice.
Informed choice means a voluntary, well-considered decision that an individual, or where legally required, the individual’s legal guardian, makes on the basis of appropriate options, information, and understanding.
Informed choice means a voluntary choice of services by a person from all available
Informed choice means that an applicant or an eligible individual has full participation in the selection of his or her employment outcome, the specific vocational rehabilitation services needed to achieve the employment outcome that will be provided, the entities that will provide the services, the settings in which the services will be provided, and the available methods used for procuring the services.
Informed choice means the process by which an individual receiving vocational rehabilitation services from the department makes decisions about rehabilitation goals and the services and service providers necessary to reach those goals. Informed choice places primary responsibility for action and decision making with the individual, with sup- port of a vocational rehabilitation counselor. Individuals have a right to make informed choices relating to:
Informed choice means a decision-making process whereby the individual with a disability analyzes relevant information and selects, with the assistance of a qualified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, a vocational goal, and associated services to accomplish that goal.
Informed choice means a voluntary decision made by the person, the person's legal representative, or other authorized representative after becoming familiarized with the alternatives to: