Trucks Sample Clauses

Trucks. Upon arrival of a truck transporting material to a Landfarm on behalf of NESI or any of its Affiliates, USL personnel shall undertake an inspection to determine the volume of materials delivered. Before any materials are off-loaded from the truck or any inspection or testing is undertaken by USL, USL shall prepare a receipt indicating the time and date and the volume of materials in the truck. The driver of the truck shall indicate his or her acceptance of the receipt by signing the receipt. In the event the driver disagrees with the volume determination, USL shall have the option of (i) accepting the volume stated by the driver and preparing a receipt evidencing such volume to be signed by the driver or (ii) rejecting such materials in accordance with Section 6.6.
Trucks. All trucks shall be regularly and routinely staffed with one (1) officer and four (4)
Trucks. Contractor shall collect the Yardwaste using six (6) one-person semi-automated front load vehicles. The specifications of the trucks will be: Chassis GMC White, dual drive, low entry chassis, Xxxxxxxx engine, Xxxxxxx transmission, 7.5 ton payload, 1 cart tipper mounted on work box. Body Xxxx or Xxxxx front load 40 cubic yard capacity.
Trucks. Employees to drive the express trucks the office to terminal and vice versa, shall receive ten (10 cents per hour for that day. ARTICLE PROVISION The Company furnish uniforms to employees in dance the policy of the Company now effect, Employees b required to wear and maintain the in accordance wit Company rules and regulations.
Trucks. Buyer shall be allowed 1 hr from arrival of truck at Buyer’s terminal or delivery point, demurrage for trucks after the initial hour will be charged at the rate assessed against Seller.
Trucks. Do not use vehicles or transfers with rear drop axles in which raising the drop axle would cause the vehicle to exceed legal load limits.
Trucks. 8.1 If TSL agrees to provide a Truck (and a Driver) as part of the Services, it does so on the following terms.
Trucks. Trucks larger than a standard 4-Wheel pickup shall not be permitted inside Development property unless written permission is granted by the RHA. Otherwise, the policy indicated in Paragraph 15.j.(i) for automobiles shall apply to all trucks.
Trucks. Approval of OWNER must be obtained before bringing any truck or vehicle larger than ONE ton, SINGLE AXLE into COMMUNITY. Trucks or vehicles larger than one (1) ton will not be allowed to park overnight on a HOMEOWNER’S lot.
Trucks. In connection with the operation of Tenant's business, Tenant indicates that it needs the right to have 18 wheel vehicles or comparable large vehicles ("Tenant's Related Trucks") access the Demised Premises from Xxxxx 00 (Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxx). Xxxxxxxx is concerned about Tenant's Related Trucks because of the potential for disruption to Landlord's corporate office and the harm to the driveways associated with Landlord's real property. Accordingly, during any weekly period Monday through Sunday, Tenant shall not permit more than an average of three Related Trucks per day to access Landlord's real property. In addition, because what is now the western access point from Route 28 (Darnestown Road) is not built to accommodate vehicles like Tenant's Related Trucks, Tenant shall use reasonable effort to ensure that all of Tenant's Related Trucks enter and exit from what is now called the eastern access point from Route 28 (Darnestown Road).