Collection Services definition

Collection Services means all the activities, including those conducted at Events and Depots operated by or on behalf of the Municipality, for the purpose of receiving, classifying, packing, storing and transferring Automotive Materials onto transportation vehicles, including the manifesting of the Automotive Materials prior to transportation away from the Event or Depot;
Collection Services means a service for the collection of garbage, recyclables, organics (or any combination of any of these services), or other solid waste from a parcel.

Examples of Collection Services in a sentence

  • Solid Waste Collection Services This section concerns your local government's provision of solid waste (garbage) collection services.

  • General Regulations (ContTd) 2.4 Payment Arrangements and Credit Allowances (ContTd) 2.4.10 All Special Access Services, IEC Directory Assistance Services, and Billing and Collection Services are authorized by D.94-09-065, as flexibly priced services.

  • Notice of Administration must also be given to all known or reasonably ascertainable creditors pursuant to Tulsa Professional Collection Services, Inc.

  • Notwithstanding anything else contained herein, the City may hire an alternate Person to provide Collection Services in the City if the Contractor fails to provide Collection Service for a period of two (2) consecutive Operating Days.

  • In the event that the Contractor fails to provide such written assurance and substantiating proof within the ten (10) day period for corrective action, or there are ongoing or continuing failures to perform the Collection Services, the City may terminate this Agreement.

More Definitions of Collection Services

Collection Services means those services described in and governed
Collection Services means one or more of the services provided by the City under this Bylaw, including waste, recycling and organic collection services.
Collection Services means services provided by the Municipality for removal of waste, and recyclables, where programs are available, from serviced units.
Collection Services means the services described in clause 57; Credit Checks means the credit checks carried out by Harmoney on a Borrower, either itself or through a Related Company or a third party credit reporting agency;
Collection Services means services provided by the Municipality for removal of Waste, and recyclables, where programs are available, from serviced units, as described in section 4.43.