Motorcycles Sample Clauses

Motorcycles. A. Employees shall be allowed to submit requests at any time for basic Employer motorcycle training for motorcycle assignments. Requests for training for motorcycle assignments shall be reasonably considered in order of the date of request. Request for motorcycle training shall be logged on a statewide motorcycle training request list maintained at Field Operations Headquarters. Motorcycle assignments shall be classified as line assignments.
Motorcycles. Riding motorcycles within the campground is prohibited. Motorcycles must be on a trailer, pushed or towed to your unit or parked in the designated area.
Motorcycles. Motorcycles will be allowed as a mode of transportation only from gate to trailer or RV and back to the gate when leaving.
Motorcycles. 1.1.1. According to the classes of motor cycles, the minimum distances to be completed during conditioning shall be in accordance with Table 1. Table 1 Class of motor cycle and minimum distance to be completed during conditioning Class of motorcycle according to Power-to-Mass ratio index (PMR) Distance (km) ≤ 25 4,000 > 25 ≤ 50 6,000 > 50 8,000
Motorcycles. 3.2.1. Conditioning consists of the specified number of test-bench cycles for the class of motor cycle for which the exhaust system was designed. The number of cycles for each class of motor cycle shall be in accordance with Table 3. Table 3 Number of cycles for each class of motorcycle Class of motorcycle according to Power-to-Mass ratio index (PMR) No. of cycles > 25 ≤ 50 9 > 50 12
Motorcycles. Motorcycles must conform to the rules for automobiles set forth in Paragraph G, above.
Motorcycles. Any motorcycles left at the premises after move out will be considered abandoned and University Rentals will have the right to remove bicycle from the premises and discard it.
Motorcycles. Motorcycles may only park in designated motorcycle spaces. Licensor reserves the right to rescind these rules, make reasonable changes, or make other reasonable rules and regulations for the safety, care, and cleanliness of the Garage and parking areas and for the preservation of good order. Credit Card Payments By giving us this information you understand that your card will be charged automatically every month for the License Fee Amount unless we receive written notice 30 days in advance of the date you wish to cancel this agreement. Billing Name: _____________________________________ Billing Address:____________________________________ ____________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit Card Number:________________________________ Expiration Date:______________ Type (Mastercard/ Visa/MC):_____________
Motorcycles. See Automobiles above.