Planning Committee definition

Planning Committee or "committee" means the policy-making committee established for a redevelopment district pursuant to section 171-D.
Planning Committee means the Committee, by whatever name known, that discharges the Council's development control functions (including the determination of applications for planning permission, listed building consent and similar permissions and consents) when acting in that capacity;
Planning Committee means a committee formed by a school district to assess and prioritize the school district's needs for operating revenues and to consider seeking additional local revenues.

Examples of Planning Committee in a sentence

  • The Chair asked whether there was anyone in the audience who wished to speak in favour or against this application and seeing none: The Public Hearing concerning this matter was closed and the Planning Committee resumed in order to discuss and vote on the application.

  • It was agreed at Planning Committee in October 2012 that it was not necessary to carry out a full scale review of Slough’s Development Plan at present, and that instead the parts of the current adopted Development Plan or Slough should all be republished in a single ‘Composite Development Plan’ for Slough.

  • Disclosure To allow the Staff Planning Committee to carry out its mandated role under this Article, the Hospital will provide the Committee with pertinent financial and staffing information and with a copy of any reorganization plans which impact on the bargaining unit.

  • The Planning Committee endorsed the use of this Composite Local Plan for Slough in July 2013.

  • Will continue its support of the Mitigation Planning Committee as described within the Plan.

More Definitions of Planning Committee

Planning Committee means the advisory committee created under section
Planning Committee means the committee of that name established by standing orders;
Planning Committee or "committee" means the policy-making committee established for the redevelopment district.
Planning Committee means a committee appointed under section 11572.
Planning Committee means the body exercising functions conferred under Article 9A;
Planning Committee means the Physician Resource Planning Committee established under section 2.2 of the Act;
Planning Committee means the City’s Planning Committee delegated by City Council to conduct a hearing of an appeal of an interim certificate in accordance with this By-law;