Corporate Opportunities Sample Clauses

Corporate Opportunities. Notwithstanding anything contained in this Agreement or under Applicable Law to the contrary (to the full extent permitted by Applicable Law), (i) the Initial Shareholders, the Xxxxxxx Shareholder and their respective Affiliates (A) may engage in or possess an interest in other business ventures of any nature and description (whether similar or dissimilar to the business of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries), independently or with others, and none of the Company, any Subsidiary, any other Shareholder, and each of their respective Affiliates shall have any right by virtue of this Agreement in or to any such investment or interest of the Enstar Shareholder, the Trident Shareholders, the Xxxxxxx Shareholder, any Enstar Director or any Trident Director and any of its or their respective Affiliates to any income or profits derived therefrom, and the pursuit of any such venture shall not be deemed wrongful or improper, and (B) shall not be obligated to present any investment opportunity to the Company or any Subsidiary even if such opportunity is of a character that, if presented to the Company or any Subsidiary, could be taken by the Company or such Subsidiary, and (ii) the parties hereby waive (and the Company shall cause the Subsidiaries to waive) to the fullest extent permitted by law any fiduciary or other duty of the Initial Shareholders, the Xxxxxxx Shareholder and the Enstar Directors and Trident Directors not expressly set forth in this Agreement, including fiduciary or other duties that may be related to or associated with self-dealing, corporate opportunities or otherwise, in each case so long as such Person acts in a manner consistent with this Agreement.
Corporate Opportunities. Except as otherwise provided in the second sentence of this Section 2.8(d), (i) no Stockholder and no stockholder, member, manager, partner or Affiliate of any Stockholder or their respective officers, directors, employees or agents (any of the foregoing, a “Stockholder Group Member”) shall have any duty to communicate or present an investment or business opportunity or prospective economic advantage to the Company or any of its Subsidiaries in which the Company or one of its Subsidiaries may, but for the provisions of this Section 2.8(d), have an interest or expectancy (“Corporate Opportunity”), and (ii) subject to Section 2.7, no Stockholder nor any Stockholder Group Member (even if also an officer or director of the Company) will be deemed to have breached any fiduciary or other duty or obligation to the Company by reason of the fact that any such Person pursues or acquires a Corporate Opportunity for itself or its Affiliates or directs, sells, assigns or transfers such Corporate Opportunity to another Person or does not communicate information regarding such Corporate Opportunity to the Company. The Company, on behalf of itself and its Subsidiaries, renounces any interest in a Corporate Opportunity and any expectancy that a Corporate Opportunity will be offered to the Company; provided that the Company does not renounce any interest or expectancy it may have in any Corporate Opportunity that is offered to an officer of the Company whether or not such individual is also a director or officer of a Stockholder, if such opportunity is expressly offered to such Person in his or her capacity as an officer of the Company and the Stockholders recognize that the Company reserves such rights.
Corporate Opportunities. Executive acknowledges that during the course of Executive’s employment by Company, Executive may be offered or become aware of business or investment opportunities in which Company may or might have an interest (a “Corporate Opportunity”) and that Executive has a duty to advise Company of any such Corporate Opportunities before acting upon them. Accordingly, Executive agrees: (a) that Executive will disclose to the Board any Corporate Opportunity offered to Executive or of which Executive becomes aware, and (b) that Executive will not act upon any Corporate Opportunity for Executive’s own benefit or for the benefit of any Person other than Company without first obtaining consent or approval of the Board (whose consent or approval may be granted or denied solely at the discretion of the Board; provided, that Executive, at Executive’s election, may act upon any such Corporate Opportunity for Executive’s benefit or the benefit of any other Person if the Board has not caused Company to act upon any such Corporate Opportunity within sixty (60) days after disclosure of such Corporate Opportunity to Company by Executive.
Corporate Opportunities. The Executive agrees that he will not take personal advantage of any business opportunities which arise during his employment with the Company Group and which may be of benefit to the Company Group. All material facts regarding such opportunities must be promptly reported by the Executive to the Board of Trustees for consideration by the Company Group.
Corporate Opportunities. During the Employment Term, Executive agrees that he will first present to the Chief Executive Officer, or the Board of Directors, for acceptance or rejection on behalf of the Company, any opportunity to create or invest in any company which is or will be involved in providing or furnishing equipment, systems, components, products, software or services to customers in industries that the Company serves (including, without limitation, the semiconductor and flat panel display industries) which comes to his attention and in which he, or any affiliate, might desire to participate. If the Board of Directors, or the Chief Executive Officer, rejects the same or fails to act thereon in a reasonable time, Executive shall be free to invest in, participate or present such opportunity to any other person or entity, subject to the other terms of this Agreement.
Corporate Opportunities. The Executive agrees, in accordance with Maryland law, to first offer to the Company corporate opportunities learned of solely as a result of his service as an officer and director of the Company.
Corporate Opportunities. Whenever the Director becomes aware of a business opportunity related to the Company’s business, which one could reasonably expect the Director to make available to the Company, the Director shall promptly disclose such opportunity to the applicable Board committee or the Board and proceed as directed by such committee or the Board, as applicable.
Corporate Opportunities. (a) Any of the Holders, the Board Designees or Nominating Committee Observers who are employed by any of the Holders or any of their Affiliates and Affiliated Funds, any of the foregoing Persons’ respective Affiliates and Affiliated Funds and any one or more of the respective managers, directors, principals, officers, employees and other representatives of such Persons or their respective Affiliates and Affiliated Funds, in each case who is not also an employee of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries (the foregoing Persons being referred to, collectively, as “Identified Persons”) may now engage, may continue to engage, or may, in the future, engage in the same or similar activities or lines of business as those in which the Company or any of its Affiliates, directly or indirectly, now engage or may engage or other business activities that overlap with, are complementary to, or compete with those in which the Company or any of its Affiliates, directly or indirectly, now engage or may engage (any such activity or line of business, an “Opportunity”). No Identified Person shall, as a result of its capacity as such, have any duty to refrain, directly or indirectly, from (i) engaging in any Opportunity or (ii) otherwise competing with the Company or any of its Affiliates. No Identified Person shall, as a result of its capacity as such, have any duty or obligation to refer or offer to the Company or any of its Affiliates any Opportunity, and the Company hereby renounces any interest or expectancy of the Company in, or in being offered, an opportunity to participate in any Opportunity which may be a corporate (or analogous) or business opportunity for the Company or any of its Affiliates.
Corporate Opportunities. Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, you agree that, as a result of your employment, that you shall have a duty and obligation to bring any “corporate opportunityto the Company as such duty to bring such opportunity is construed under the laws of the State of New York.
Corporate Opportunities. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the Issuer renounces any interest or expectancy of the Issuer in, or in being offered an opportunity to participate in, business opportunities that are from time to time available or presented to any Exempted Person, even if the opportunity is in the line of business of the Issuer or is otherwise one that the Issuer might reasonably be deemed to have pursued or had the ability or desire to pursue if granted the opportunity to do so, unless such business opportunity is offered to such Exempted Person solely and expressly in his or her capacity as a director or officer of the Issuer, and each such Exempted Person shall have no duty to communicate or offer such business opportunity to the Issuer (and there shall be no restriction on the Exempted Persons using the general knowledge and understanding of the Issuer and the industry in which it operates in considering and pursuing such opportunities or in making investment, voting, monitoring, governance or other decisions relating to other entities or securities) and, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, shall not be liable to the Issuer or, to the extent applicable, any of its stockholders for breach of any fiduciary or other duty, as a director or officer or otherwise, by reason of the fact that such Exempted Person pursues or acquires such business opportunity, directs such business opportunity to another Person or fails to present such business opportunity, or information regarding such business opportunity, to the Issuer, or uses such knowledge and understanding in the manner described herein.