Adjunct faculty definition

Adjunct faculty means those nonadministrative instructors, counselors, and librarians who are employed without a continuing contract, whose teaching load does not exceed one-half time for two full semesters or three full quarters per calendar year.
Adjunct faculty means one who is employed to teach on a course-by-course or credit basis.
Adjunct faculty means persons appointed by the Board of Trustees to any of the professorial ranks for which they have the professional qualifications or the equivalent. Adjunct appointments are made for a specified term. Normally, the adjunct faculty's primary professional affiliation, if any, is outside the University, and compensation for services at the University is not a provision of the appointment.

Examples of Adjunct faculty in a sentence

  • Adjunct faculty are issued a faculty ID card for the semester or year for which they are given a contract.

  • Adjunct faculty are encouraged to consult with their chairperson to inquire about opportunities and eligibility for travel to conferences, etc.

  • Adjunct faculty are included in the distribution list for all general faculty mailings, in the College's printed directory and, after six semesters of service to Hope, in the College Catalog.

  • Adjunct faculty shall possess the same qualifications as full-time and part-time faculty.

  • Travel Allowance: Adjunct faculty who must commute more than 25 miles round trip shall be entitled to reimbursement at the standard college rate for the excess beyond 25 miles.

More Definitions of Adjunct faculty

Adjunct faculty means all members of the Faculty who hold part-time faculty appointments that are defined one semester at a time. Adjunct faculty members are hired by departments or Schools on a per-course basis. Their primary obligation is teaching the course(s) for which they are hired; however, Adjunct Faculty are expected to hold office hours to be available to their students outside of class.
Adjunct faculty means part-time faculty who are not full-time employees of the institution.
Adjunct faculty means professional staff members of businesses, industries and other agencies and organizations who are appointed by institutions and schools on a part-time basis to carry out instructional, research or public service functions.
Adjunct faculty means an individual who has been issued a quarterly appointment notice and compensated in accordance with the adjunct faculty salary schedule in Section 17.7.3 of the Agreement. Such appointments carry no expectation of continued employment and are non-tenurable. Adjunct faculty is referenced in law as “part-time” and have all the rights, responsibilities and protections stated therein. The specific provisions for Adjunct faculty are contained in Article 17 of this Agreement. With the exception of class cancellation, termination prior to the end of the quarter shall be for just cause and with due process. Full-time tenured and probationary faculty may also perform extra-contractual work as adjuncts, but will accrue only those benefits as provided by law and/or for specific provisions of this Agreement.
Adjunct faculty refers to a temporary faculty member whose compensation basis is hourly rather than annually.
Adjunct faculty refers to a person who is not employed by the university in a regular position, but who is given a temporary appointment without benefits, or who is given a courtesy appointment with or without a specific teaching/research assignment.