Telephone Access Sample Clauses

Telephone Access. Employees shall be entitled to reasonable use of the client's telephone for local calls during the evening to speak with family members (i.e., spouse, children, dependants, parents). Employees may not receive personal calls on the client's telephone nor give out the client's telephone number. In the case of urgent personal calls to the employee, messages will be taken by the Employer and passed on to the employee as soon as possible. In the event of an emergency, the employee shall use the client's telephone to contact the appropriate authorities or the contact person designated by the Employer.
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Telephone Access. The Borrower shall access the Loan by a telephonic request. The Borrower accepts all risks inherent in such request. The Borrower absolves the Bank from all damages, loss and liabilities of whatsoever nature which may result from an unauthorized telephone request, a defective transmission, or a telephonic request which is misunderstood by the Bank UNITED ENERGY CORPORATION 38 2 employee. Neither the Bank nor any of its directors, officers or employees shall be under any duty to pass upon the validity, accuracy, authorization, effectiveness, or genuineness of any telephonic request, and the Bank and its directors, officers and employees shall be entitled to assume that any such telephonic instructions are valid, effective, accurate, genuine and authorized. The Borrower consents to the Bank's taping and recording of all telephonic conversations relating to this Agreement and the Loan. All advances shall be disbursed by the Bank by deposit of the Loan proceeds to the Borrower's deposit account with the Bank.
Telephone Access. The District will provide Assistants access to a District telephone in each building location. Such telephone shall afford the Assistant adequate privacy.
Telephone Access. A telephone(s) shall be made available to all employees at all times for incoming or outgoing emergency purposes, and incoming messages of an emergency nature shall be relayed immediately. No employee shall be permitted to use a personal cell phone or smart phone during working hours, excluding rest and meal breaks, except in case of an emergency. Repeated violations of the foregoing shall constitute just cause for discipline, up to and including termination.
Telephone Access. Each center shall provide employees with private access to a phone when on breaks and for personal emergencies. Employers will notify employees of phone access policy and procedures upon hire.
Telephone Access. Licensee shall provide at the installation site in connection with Installation Services, at its expense, one telephone access line for remote support and testing of the Programs and business use of GeoTel at the demarcation point.
Telephone Access. Customer service representatives shall be available by phone between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, by way of a local or a toll free call. Contractor shall also maintain a local or toll free telephone number for use outside normal business hours. Contractor shall have a representative, answering or message providing/receiving (voice-mail) service available at the after-hours telephone number. Contractor shall make every effort to return calls within 24 hours of receiving them.
Telephone Access. Each center shall maintain access to a designated phone line for use by employees when on breaks and for personal emergencies. Employees will use common courtesy to ensure equitable access to the telephone.
Telephone Access. Rainmaker and Nortel shall exercise commercially reasonable efforts to establish, by no later than the Go-Live Date, automatic telephone transfer capabilities from appropriate Nortel locations to telephone number(s) designated by Rainmaker to enable Nortel personnel to transfer and/or to enable automatic forwarding of calls to Rainmaker from Customers seeking any information regarding Service Contracts. Throughout the term of this Agreement, Nortel shall maintain, at Nortel's sole expense, the automatic telephone transfer capabilities from Nortel's Site to Rainmaker's Site.
Telephone Access. Telephones shall be provided during the school days from which a teacher may make a private telephone call. A telephone shall be available in each building for after school use in a designated area to which all teachers have access. It is understood that telephones are to be used primarily for school-related business purposes and that no charges for personal calls shall be made at the District’s expense.