Long Distance Sample Clauses

Long Distance. Additional Long Distance Bundles may be purchased in 500, 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 minute blocks. Additional minutes will be charged based on rates stated in the Statement of Fees. Calls are billed in 6-second increments, no rounding on a per call basis. This service will terminate telephone calls received from the Customer telephone numbers in to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Each call terminated will be measured in six (6) second increments for duration and charged on a usage basis at a rate specified in the contract. Calls are assigned a type from the following list:  Intra-State LDDomestic 48 LD  Alaska LD  Puerto Rico LD  U S Virgin Islands LD  International LD Each call type may be specified a different rate as specified in the contract. International LD call charged based on a per destination country (land-line and mobile) rate.
Long Distance. Sprint shall provide long-distance telephone services to all Sprint Customers using the Alliances Network for PCS Services in the Markets by interconnecting, and paying all costs related thereto, with direct telecommunications circuits to the Alliances Network facilities.
Long Distance. □ Xxxxxx Long Distance (18¢ per min, no monthly fee) □ Other carrier (please specify CIC below): Interlata Intralata If you do not want long distance service, you will need to add Toll Denial to block outgoing long distance calls. □ Toll Denial $2.00 ADDITIONAL CALLING FEATURES □ 3rd # & Collect Block FREE □ Call Forward $2.00 □ Call Forward - Busy $2.00 □ Call Forward - No Answer $2.00 □ Caller ID Name & Number $3.50 □ Caller ID Number $2.00 □ Call Waiting $3.50 □ Telemarketer Call Screening $3.00 □ Voicemail Packages $4 - 8 XXXXXX TELEPHONE COMPANY SERVICE AGREEMENT Customer Name: Authorized Contact: Address: Phone #: Cell #: Email:
Long Distance. Company providing long distance services. The services may be facilities-based or resold, or a combination of both. The company may provide other services, but the primary revenue source is long distance. ICP (integrated communications provider) Company providing a broad range of telecommunications products to customers. The services offered combine traditional local service, long distance and wireless communications products. The services can be facilities-based or resold, but most likely a combination of both. ALEC (alternative local exchange companies) Company providing prepaid local exchange services that are resold from the LEC. Cellular and other wireless telecom See NAICS 513322 Other All telecommunications entities not included in Paging, ISP, Telecommunications towers, or the other identified sub-segments of the Telecommunications.
Long Distance. Virtual Voice Network) The following Enhanced VNS features are also available: VNS Card with Private Dialing Plans provides VITA employeesremote, mobile access to the private network. In addition, range privileges can be assigned per card to manage available call types; and the VNS card has speed dialing capability allowing the user to program nine frequently dialed numbers. The VNS card does not presently support Project Account Codes. Remote 8xx Access to VNS allows the Network ID to be assigned to one remote toll-free number. Remote 8xx access provides access to the private dial plan and offers excellent fraud/cost controls. Project Account Codes are available for Remote 8xx Access Error Announcements International Private Dial Plans provide the ability to provision international numbers as part of the private dial plan, and effectively provides “Forced On-Net” features for an international number. Customized Range Privileges will define valid call types for a given Network ID by NPA and/or country/city codes. Applications of this feature might include only allowing international calls to Paris, France; allowing international calls to everywhere except England; or allowing all calls within the NANP except calls to Canada.  Overflow to switched access on terminating busy signal A VNS private dial plan Will allow VITA to overflow calls to multiple trunk groups with the ability to route to a final switched terminating location  Switched digital data capability Switched Digital Service provides digital connections in 64 Kbps increments of bandwidth via the public switched telephone network. Customer can access the Service via the following configurations:, LEC- provided Basic Rate Interface (“BRI”), and LEC-provided Primary Rate Interface (“PRI”): BRI, being a form of Integrated Services Digital Network (“ISDN”), offers the ability to use the same line for voice or data on a call-by-call basis. A BRI is a single line connection, the wiring for which is usually an ordinary twisted copper pair. However, BRI provides more functionality than an ordinary phone line or even SW 56 or switched 64 kbps service. In addition to voice and data capability, BRI offers two 64 kbps “bearer” (or “B”) channels to support the applications of VITA, while call set-up and signaling are performed on a separate “out-of-band” channel called the “D” channel. This arrangement is often called 2B + D. Depending on VITA’s CPE, the B channels can be combined to provide 128 kbps for a...
Long Distance. When placing long distance calls from a Unison Services for Office IP phone or Softphone, the following terms apply:
Long Distance. Carrier: Code: (If other than TCT) Toll Block PIC (Carrier) Freeze Collect Call Block 3rd Party Xxxxx 000# Xxxxx (Includes 2 truck rolls per calendar year) INSIDE WIRING MAINTENANCE PLANS (Some restrictions apply, see xxxxxxx.xxx for details) IWM - Phone wiring and jacks only (existing) - $2.00 ADWM - Phone, TV, and Internet wiring and jacks (existing) - $5.00 (Bundle pricing does not include phone charges) BUNDLED SERVICES (TV pricing does not include Broadcast or Regionals Sports fees)
Long Distance. Ce fruit avant l’entretien Xxxxx xx xxxxxxx pour ThatMSG fruitMSG before theMSG-interviewMSG Xxxxx Cl.MSG eatSG-FT for sa collation her snackFSG ‘Xxxxx will eat that fruit for her snack before the interview.’ Native speakers of French, intermediate L1 English/L2 French learners, and advanced X0 Xxxxxxx/X0 French learners completed an offline acceptability judgment task, a self-paced reading task, a proficiency test, and working memory tasks in both French and English. The researchers found that advanced and intermediate learners displayed native-like error detection in the offline acceptability judgment task, suggesting that learners do in fact have access to inflectional morphology in the L2. In the self-paced reading task, intermediate learners showed no sensitivity to agreement errors; advanced learners, however, were sensitive to agreement errors regardless of the distance separating the antecedent and clitic. The researchers conclude that these results do not support the Shallow Structure Hypothesis, since successful non-local distance agreement resolution was possible for the advanced French learners. Furthermore, mixed model analyses revealed that high proficiency learners contributed more than intermediate learners to effects of grammaticality found, and correlative analyses revealed a weak positive correlation between working memory and sensitivity to agreement errors. These results suggest that individual differences, such as proficiency and working memory capacity, may be an important source of variability in L2 agreement. Because Xxxxxxxx & Xxxxxxxx (in press) eliminated the linear-structural distance confound by isolating linear distance and found no distance effects, it is beneficial to consider other studies that isolate the effects of structural distance. Gabriele et al., (in press) examine the predictions of the Shallow Structure Hypothesis using noun-adjective agreement across two structural distances. The effects of L1-L2 differences and proficiency on sensitivity to errors were also investigated. The researchers conducted an evoked response potential (ERP) study of gender and number agreement in L2 Spanish, manipulating structural distance by placing the agreeing noun and adjective either within the same noun phrase (4a) or across one verb phrase boundary (4b). Linear distance was held constant at one intervening word. Four participant groups (L1 Spanish, low L1 English/L2 Spanish, intermediate L1 English/L2 Spanish, advanced L1 English...