National governing body definition

National governing body means a group of persons who
National governing body. ’ means an amateur sports organization which is recog- nized by the Corporation in accordance with section 391 of this title; and
National governing body means an amateur sports organization that is recognized by the corporation under section 220521 of this title.

Examples of National governing body in a sentence

  • Recognition of amateur sports organiza- tions(a) National governing body; application; notice and hearingFor any sport which is included on the pro- gram of the Olympic Games or the Pan-Amer- ican Games, the Corporation is authorized to recognize as a national governing body an ama- teur sports organization which files an applica- tion and is eligible for such recognition, in ac- cordance with the provisions of subsection (b) of this section.

  • On this same basis, net income per share was 20% higher than the $2.23 per share for 1996, reflecting the company's share repurchase program.

  • These comments were incorporated into the Bill on merit.3.2 Comments were received from—● Departments of state;● Teacher unions;● Schools;● Individuals;● National governing body associations; and● The Independent Schools Association of South Africa.

  • National governing body The NGB’s 2008 – 2013 vision was to ensure that squash and racketball increased in popularity and profile, continued and increased success at international level and ran according to the highest standards of governance, management and ethics.

  • National governing body The LTA has a stated objective to grow the sport and ensure that more people are able to play tennis more often at first class facilities, with high quality coaching programmes and well organised competition.

More Definitions of National governing body

National governing body or “NGB” means the National Governing Body designated as such by the USOPC.
National governing body means a group of persons who adopt rules and formulate policy on behalf of a national firearm sporting organization.
National governing body means an organisation which is generally recognised as the governing body for that particular sport;
National governing body means an ama-
National governing body. ’ means an
National governing body or “NGB” means a National Sports Organization that is recognized by the USOPC under Section 220521 of the Amateur Sports Act.
National governing body means an amateur sports organization, a high-performance management organization, or a paralympic sports organization that is certified by the corporation under section 220521.