Sketches Sample Clauses

Sketches. (when applicable) 2) Finished artwork and final proofs (when applicable) 3) Pre-production samples or strike offs. 4) Finished products, including packaged samples. 5) All other finished displays, labels, packing and wrapping material. The quality and style of such Articles as well as of any finished displays, labels, packing or wrapping material shall be subject to the approval of YMUS. Any item submitted to YMUS shall not be deemed approved unless and until the same shall be approved by YMUS in writing. After samples have been approved pursuant to this paragraph, Licensee shall not depart there from in any material respect without YMUS' prior written consent, and Licensor shall not withdraw its approval of the approved samples except on sixty (60) days prior written notice to Licensee. In the event YMUS does withdraw its prior written approval, Licensee has one hundred and eighty (180) days to sell off any of its Articles on hand or in process at the time, with any of the prior approved artwork. Before Licensee has commenced selling any such Articles covered by this Agreement, Licensee shall furnish to YMUS without cost twelve (12) samples of each such Article, together with any displays, labels, packing and wrapping material used in connection therewith. Thereafter, YMUS may request from time to time, individual random samples of each Article and its related material as herein before described, being manufactured and Sold by Licensee hereunder.
Sketches. Where appropriate, design sketches will be used to develop and distribute information in the prosecution of the Work. All design sketches will be prepared on Contractor standard 8 1/2” X 11” or 11” X 17” sketch forms. They will be numbered in the same manner as engineering drawings except that the sketch number will be preceded by the designation “SK”. All sketches are to reference Contractor and if used in the construction of the Project must be sealed by a Professional Engineer registered in the State of Louisiana. Sketches that effect drawings required to be Record Drawings shall be incorporated into the appropriate Record Drawing submittal.
Sketches. Draw location sketches: (1) Exterior: building, ADA parking & ramps, DRC, parking (2) Interior: building, rooms w/dimensions, location of outlets and telephone equipment. FY 2021 – 2022 EMPA AGREEMENT ATTACHMENT J-REPORTING FORMS FLORIDA DIVISION OF EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PREAPAREDNESS AND ASSISTANCE GRANT PROGRAM 2021-2022 EMPA REPORTING FORMS 2021-2022 QUARTERLY REPORTING FORMS QUARTERLY REPORTS INCLUDE: Dvision Form 1A - Quarterly Financial Report, Division Form 1B - Quarterly Tasks, Division Forms 2A & 2B Detail of Claims and Divsion Form 6 - Time and Effort (if applicable).
Sketches plans, drawings, and other confidential research and development data; 3.1.4 Manufacturing processes, schematics, and the composition of Txxxxxxxx'x equipment; 3.1.5 Repair and maintenance processes; 3.1.6 Education programs and techniques; and 3.1.7 Marketing schemes and strategies.
Sketches. Each improved property will have a computer-generated sketch produced on a property record sheet using the APEX sketching program. Upper and main floor areas of dwellings will be sketched.