Section 9.5.1 Sample Clauses

Section 9.5.1. 37 Personal leave is not available the first five (5) student days and the last five (5) student days of the 38 school year. Exceptions to this rule may be appealed to the Superintendent or designee. 39
Section 9.5.1. 11 The employer will grant full pay when an employee has been subpoenaed to appear in court as 12 a witness for the District.
Section 9.5.1. 2 Employees who have changed positions or route assignments will have five (5) work days in 3 which they may voluntarily change back to their previous position or route. If the change 4 affects other employees due to “bumping” then all impacted employees will change at the same 5 time.
Section 9.5.1. 5 Employees on a medical LOA or Workers compensation are responsible for updating their 6 supervisor or the KSD risk manager, whichever is appropriate, on their status every thirty (30) 7 days.
Section 9.5.1. 14 Maternity leave shall be dictated by the employee’s physician including leave prior to and after 15 the birth of the child. Maternity leave shall be deducted from the employee’s available annual 16 leave and shall be counted as FMLA leave for eligible employees.
Section 9.5.1. 5 When there is an employee(s) in layoff status, all open positions shall be first made available 6 only to employees in layoff status and those employees with three (3) or more years of seniority 7 in the bargaining unit.
Section 9.5.1. 37 Upon application to the District, such leave shall be granted for the period of illness or injury 38 up to one (1) year. If additional time is necessary, written application must be made to the 39 District, and up to one (1) additional year may be granted at the District's discretion. An 40 employee who has been on protracted illness leave for more than six (6)months shall give thirty 41 (30) days notice in writing of intent to return to work. An employee who has been off less than 42 six (6)months shall give ten (10) days notice of intent to return to work. Upon returning, the 43 employee shall be reinstated to the position held previous to going on leave, unless the position 44 has been abolished or a general reduction in force has placed an employee with more seniority 45 in the position. In those cases the employee shall be reinstated to as equivalent a position as 46 possible without conflicting with the terms of Article X.
Section 9.5.1. M Company would not be required to include any amounts in gross income with respect to any of the M Foreign Companies pursuant to Section 951 of the Code if the taxable year of any such M Foreign Company were deemed to end on the day after the Closing Date, but not taking into account any activities or income of any such Foreign Company on such day.
Section 9.5.1. 25 Upon application to the District, such leave shall be granted for the period of illness or injury