Regular Hourly Rate of Pay Sample Clauses

Regular Hourly Rate of Pay. The amount of pay the employee is designated to receive within the salary scale for the employee’s job classification, including other applicable, additional types of pay, multiplied by 12 and divided by 2080 for which the employee’s specific assignment may entitle him/her.
Regular Hourly Rate of Pay. Shall be based on employee's assigned bi-weekly salary range adjusted for a forty (40) hour work week, depending on assignments, and shall not include retention incentive, deferred compensation, assignment bonuses, or assignment differentials.
Regular Hourly Rate of Pay. An employee's regular hourly rate of pay shall be their classification rate, not including premium pay.
Regular Hourly Rate of Pay. An employee’s regular hourly rate of pay is defined as the hourly rate of pay as specified in Appendix “A” of this Collective Agreement for the classification for which the employee has been hired.
Regular Hourly Rate of Pay. Regular hourly rate of pay" is defined as the regular hourly rate of pay, inclusive of any and all other wage, compensation or benefit element such as longevity, etc.
Regular Hourly Rate of Pay. Regular hourly rate of pay shall mean the total non-overtime compensation inclusive of basic pay and all other pays, such as premium and/or incentive pay, received by an employee. For purposes of calculating the regular hourly rate of pay each additional pay will be calculated separately first and then added together with the basic pay to determine the regular rate. For example, if an employee’s basic pay is $45 and an employee has one additional pay of 2%, then you would take 2% of $45 ($0.90) and add it to $45 for a total regular hourly rate of pay of $45.90. If the employee received two additional pays at 2% each, their regular hourly rate of pay would be: $45 + $0.90 + $0.90 ($46.80). It would not be calculated by adding the additional pays of 2% and 2% together for 4% and then multiplying the 4% by $45.

Related to Regular Hourly Rate of Pay

  • Regular Rate of Pay The regular rate of pay for each position in the bargaining unit shall be in accordance with the rates established for each class as provided in Appendix A, which is attached hereto and by reference incorporated as a part of this agreement. The regular rate of pay shall include any shift differential and/or longevity increment required to be paid under this agreement.

  • Rate of Pay a. An Employee who is employed as a teacher teaching on call shall be paid 1/189 of his/her category classification and experience, to a maximum of the rate at Category 5 Step 7, for each full day worked.

  • Rate of Payment F13.6 Community service leave for jury service will be granted with pay to employees other than casual employees.

  • Definition of Regular Straight Time Rate of Pay The regular straight time rate of pay is that prescribed in wage schedule of the Collective Agreement.

  • Rate of Pay on Promotion 44.3.1 When an employee is appointed by the Council to a higher classification level in the same group, he shall be paid at the nearest rate in the new classification level which gives the employee a salary increase not less than the minimum increment of the higher classification level to which he is being appointed by the Council. If there is no such rate the employee shall be paid the maximum rate in his new scale.

  • Rate of Compensation In lieu of direct compensation for all overtime, shift work and standby (as defined in Articles 16, 17 and 18 of this Agreement), regular full-time employees shall receive a special compensation of 7% of their basic salary earned for each calendar year. This special compensation shall not be considered part of the employee's basic salary for the purpose of calculating any benefits or other premium entitlements.

  • Hourly Rate Any Additional Services which are not set forth in this Agreement will be charged on the basis of the hourly rate schedule attached hereto as Exhibit B and reimbursable expenses not contemplated in this Agreement will be charged at actual cost. No Additional Services or costs shall be incurred without proper written authorization of the City.

  • Pay Rate Annual leave pay shall be paid at the nurse’s regular rate of pay.

  • Date of Payment Should the principal of or interest on the Notes become due and payable on other than a Business Day, the maturity thereof shall be extended to the next succeeding Business Day and in the case of principal, interest shall be payable thereon at the rate per annum specified in the Notes during such extension.

  • Regular Hours The regular hours of work each day shall be consecutive except for interruptions for lunch periods.