Reporting Pay Sample Clauses

Reporting Pay. Employees who report for any scheduled shift will be guaranteed at least four (4) hours of work, or if no work is available will be paid at least four (4) hours except when work is not available due to conditions beyond the control of the Hospital. The reporting allowance outlined as herein shall not apply whenever an employee has received prior notice not to report for work. Part-time employees scheduled to work less than seven and one-half (7-1/2) hours per day will receive a pro-rated amount of reporting pay.
Reporting Pay. 40.14 Subject to 40.05, when a part-time employee meets the requirements to receive reporting pay on a day of rest, in accordance with the reporting pay provision of the Agreement, and is entitled to receive a minimum payment rather than pay for actual time worked, the part-time employee shall be paid a minimum payment of four (4) hours pay at the straight-time rate of pay. Bereavement Leave
Reporting Pay. Employees reporting for work and not put to work shall receive two (2) hours pay at the regular straight time rate, unless inclement weather conditions prohibits work, or notified not to report at the end of the previous shift or two (2) hours prior to the start of a shift. The Employer may require employees to remain at the jobsite for the two (2) hours to receive such reporting pay. It is understood that it shall be the responsibility of the Employer to secure from each employee a telephone number by which to be contacted. The Employer will make every effort to notify employees of inclement weather conditions. If the employee does not, at the Employer’s request, furnish a telephone number or fails to inform the Employer of any change of number at which he may be reached, then the Employer shall be relieved of any responsibility of notification and shall not have to pay show-up time. When employees, including new hires, reporting for work arrive on the job unprepared to perform the work required (for example, including but not limited to: under the influence of alcohol or drugs, not possessing the right requested certifications, or inadequately clothed), the Employer shall not have to pay show up time. If the employee is put to work and lacks requested qualifications employer shall pay actual time worked only. Reporting pay on overtime days shall be a minimum of two (2) hours at the applicable overtime wage rate.
Reporting Pay. 23.01 Unless employees are notified not to report for work, employees who report for work at their regular starting time and for whom no work is available shall receive not less than four (4) hours of any work that is available at their rate of pay, or if no work is available, shall receive four (4) hours pay at their straight-time hourly rate.
Reporting Pay a. The Employer agrees to pay a minimum of four (4) hours wages in the event that an employee reports for work in the usual manner and is prevented from starting or continuing work due to any cause not within his control.
Reporting Pay. An employee who is scheduled to work his/her regular shift and reports to work and there is not work available for him/her may be excused from duty by Management, but shall be paid at his/her regular rate for the shift of work scheduled.
Reporting Pay. When an employee is required to report for work on a day of rest or a designated paid holiday, he shall be paid the greater of:
Reporting Pay. Employees who report for any scheduled shift will be guaranteed at least four