Day of Rest Sample Clauses

Day of Rest. An employer shall grant to each of his shift workers one full day of rest in any week: Provided that if an employer requires or permits such an employee to work on his day of rest, the hours so worked shall be deemed not to be part of the ordinary hours of work specified in clause 9 (1) (b).
Day of Rest. Each employee shall receive at least one (1) full day of rest in every seven (7) days.
Day of Rest. The days of rest provisions of this collective agreement apply only in a week when the employee has worked five (5) days and a minimum of thirty seven decimal five (37.5) hours in the week.
Day of Rest. Subject to clause 26.08, an employee who works overtime on a day of rest is entitled to be paid for the time actually worked at double (2) time or a minimum of three (3) hours at double time, whichever is the greater.
Day of Rest. (a) An Employee who is required to work overtime on their first scheduled day of rest shall be paid at the overtime rate as provided in Article 12.03.
Day of Rest in relation to an employee, means a day other than a holiday on which an employee is not ordinarily required to perform the duties of his/her position. This does not include employees on a leave of absence.
Day of Rest. (i) Administrative Component Double the regular rate of pay (2X) shall be paid for all time worked by an Employee in the Administrative Component on any rest day, as defined in Clause 4.55, unless the Saturday or Sunday worked is a Paid Holiday, as defined in Clause 20.01, or a Day Off In Lieu, as defined in Clause 20.03, in which case the provisions of Article 20 shall apply.
Day of Rest. ‌ “Day of Rest” is a day that you are not available to work and are not scheduled to work.
Day of Rest. 16.03 When a day designated as a holiday under Clause 16.01 coincides with an Employee‘s day of rest, the holiday shall be moved to the Employee‘s first working day following his day of rest, unless the Employer and Employees mutually decide on a different date.
Day of Rest. When a man works Sundays he shall be entitled to one day off during the week to be mutually arranged between the man and his Department Head.