Gross Rent definition

Gross Rent means the rent for a set-aside unit, including any applicable utility allowances, in compliance with the rent limits applicable to the property for 2020. Gross rent does include optional fees included in the household’s lease, including but not limited to, washer/dryer, cable, parking, etc., as long as they are included in the lease or addendums to the lease. In addition, when a utility that is purchased from or through a local utility company by the Development, who in turn bills residents for actual consumption of the utility will also be eligible when the applicable utility allowance for the Development includes a deduction for the utility and the household’s lease specifies that the resident is responsible for the utility.
Gross Rent means rental paid in cash or its equivalent solely for the right of

Examples of Gross Rent in a sentence

  • Gross Rent for Unit Enter the total of Tenant Paid Rent plus Utility Allowance and other non-optionalcharges.

  • Commencing upon the Effective Date, and during each year thereafter until the Expiration Date, the Owner shall make real property tax payments in the sum of the Gross Rent Tax.

  • Gross Rent: Monthly rent paid to an owner/ property manager plus any estimated resident household utility costs.

More Definitions of Gross Rent

Gross Rent means the total rent in cash or its equivalent actually paid during the claim period by the
Gross Rent means rental paid at arm’s length for the right of occupancy of a homestead or manufactured or mobile home, including rent for space occupied by a manufactured or mobile home not to exceed one acre. If the department of revenue determines that the landlord and tenant have not dealt with each other at arm’s length, and the department of revenue is satisfied that the gross rent charged was excessive, the department shall adjust the gross rent to a reasonable amount as determined by the department.
Gross Rent means the total rent in cash or its equivalent actually paid during the claim period by the renter or lessee for the right of occupancy of the homestead pursuant to an arm's-length transaction with the landlord.
Gross Rent means gross rent as defined by 26 U.S.C. 42(g)(2)(B). Utility allowances, as provided by 26 U.S.C. section 42(g)(2)(B)(ii), will be included for purposes of this calculation. Projects that are Federally Assisted At Risk Projects or Projects that request low income housing tax credits are required to use Gross Rents for the calculation of restricted rents.
Gross Rent means the rent received for a Low-Income Housing Unit, including utility allowances but excluding (i) any payments under Section 8 or any comparable rental assistance program; (ii) any fees or supportive services (within the meaning of Code Section 42(g)(2)(B); (iii) paid to Taxpayer (on the basis of the low-income status of the Qualified Resident of the Low-Income Unit) by a governmental assistance program or an organizationexempt from federal income tax under Code Section 501(c)(3), if such program or organization provides assistance for rent and the amount of assistance provided for rent is not separable from the amount of assistance provided for supportive services; and (iv) rental payments to Taxpayer to the extent an equivalent amount is paid to the RHS under Section 515 of the Housing Act of 1949. Gross Rent includes the minimum amounts paid toward purchase of a Housing Unit as described in Code Section 42(g)(6). The amount of Gross Rent is determined annually based upon the Area Median Gross Income for the locality in which the Development is located. The annual amount may decrease but such amount will not be reduced below the amount of Gross Rent established in the first Year of the Credit Period.
Gross Rent means contract rent paid plus the fuel and utility payments made for the
Gross Rent means contract rent paid plus the fuel and utility payments made for the homestead in addition to the contract rent, during the calendar year for which the claim is filed.