Remit Sample Clauses

Remit the remit of the OWG shall be as set out in Schedule 8;
Remit. The CHDP will hear, and, adjudicate upon disputes over eligibility for, or funding, (including joint funding), of Continuing Healthcare, and/or Funded Nursing Care, where the dispute is between the parties to this agreement. It will not deal with matters relating to individuals who may be in dispute with any of the parties, or disputes between Clinical Commissioning Groups.
Remit. Require Grantee promptly to remit the amount of such withholding to the Company before taking any action with respect to the Restricted Stock.
Remit. 2.1 The remit of the Economic Development Chief Officers’ Group shall be to support the Chief Executive’s Group and Partnership Board in relation to the delivery of the Growth Deal and ensuring that it is aligned towards achieving its sustainable and inclusive growth ambitions; in particular, the Economic Development Chief Officers’ Group shall:  provide advisory support to the PMO;  provide advice on business cases for projects and programmes and any other matters associated with the Growth Deal;  establish a strong relationship with the Economic Forum;  capture and communicate business requirements for changes to, and development of economic policy and commission associated appropriate interventions in relation to the Growth Deal;  work collaboratively with all partners to address barriers to sustainable and inclusive economic growth and drive efficiency in relation to the Growth Deal;  bring together intelligence and expertise to maximise private sector (including social enterprise) and other external investment in the Growth Deal and to secure sustainable and inclusive growth. SCHEDULE PART 6B – RULES OF PROCEDURE FOR THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CHIEF OFFICERS’ GROUP Chair 1 A co-Chair approach shall apply in relation to the Economic Development Chief Officers’ Group – with one Chair being a Chief Officer / director (with responsibility for economic development) of a Scottish Participating Authority and the other Chair being a Chief Officer / director (with responsibility for economic development) of an English Participating Authority. 2 The co-Chairs shall rotate among the appointed Chief Officers / directors of each of the Participating Authorities on an annual basis, with effect from the commencement of each Financial Year, but following the principle that each co-Chair must always be an appointed Chief Officer / director of a Participating Authority whose Leader, at the relevant time, holds the office of co-Chair of the Partnership Board.
Remit. 4.1. ENI and SHIPPER agree that, among the obligation of this Framework Subletting Agreement and related Individual Contract(s), only the transfer of right-of–use described in this Operational Procedure falls within the scope of article 8 of REMIT regulation (“REMIT Reporting Obligations”). With respect to this Operational Procedure, ENI and SHIPPER agree that each party remains liable for its own REMIT Reporting Obligations and that the notification to PRISMA described in article 3 of this Operational Procedure would constitute the subject of the REMIT Reporting Obligations. Annex D – Individual Contract Framework Subletting Agreement n° GY_2020_ Auction Date …/…/…… Section …. Intake Point shall mean the [ German side of the Wallbach / French side of the Oltingue / GRTGaz exit Oltingue ] point, where the Gas is delivered by the SHIPPER. Pipeline shall mean the [ TRANSITGAS Pipeline System / gas transmission system running from the Oltingue exit point of the GRTgaz Pipeline system and crossing Switzerland along the TRANSITGAS Pipeline System].
Remit. 3 Monitoring and benchmarking performance against key performance indicators and costs and reporting back to the Pooling Partners. 4 Making recommendations on the appointment, replacement or termination of the Pool Custodian to the Pooling Partners.
Remit. The Task Force will:
Remit. 2.1 The remit of the Finance Directors’ Group shall be to ensure financial probity, and address issues of risk and assurance, in relation to the delivery of the Growth Deal; in particular, the Finance Directors’ Group shall:  support the PMO, the Chief Executives’ Group, the Economic Development Chief Officers’ Group and the Partnership Board in overseeing the Growth Deal's finances;  support the Partnership Board in ensuring that financial plans are set having regard to, and in alignment with, the business cases approved by the UK Government and Scottish Government from time to time;  ensure that the expenditure from the Growth Deal Programme Budget is in line with the financial plan approved by the Partnership Board from time to time;  consider quarterly financial reports, and escalate any significant risks to the Partnership Board through the Chief Executives’ Group;  collate financial information across the various projects and initiatives which are being delivered from time to time as part of the Growth Deal, including performance against budget;  take a proactive approach to the management of cash flow in respect of the Growth Deal as a whole;  provide financial information to the Accountable Bodies, in a manner which enables the Accountable Bodies to fulfil their respective responsibilities in this regard to the UK Government and/or (as applicable) the Scottish Government.
Remit. (1) Under their remit, the public-service broad- casting corporations are to act as a medium and factor in the process of the formation of free individual and public opinion through the production and transmission of their offers, thereby serving the democratic, social and cul- tural needs of society. In their offers, the pub- lic-service broadcasting corporations must pro- vide a comprehensive overview of internation- al, European, national and regional events in all major areas of life. In so doing, they shall fur- ther international understanding, European in- tegration and the social cohesion on the xxxxx- al and state levels. Their offers shall serve edu- cation, information, advice and entertainment. They must in particular provide contributions on culture. Entertainment should also be pro- vided in line with a public-service profile of of- fers.
Remit. 2 The Chief Executives’ Group shall:  support the Partnership Board in overseeing the delivery of the Growth Deal and ensure that it is aligned towards achieving its inclusive growth ambitions;  exercise oversight and direction in relation to the work of the PMO, including management of the PMO and monitoring its performance in carrying out its work;  highlight to the Partnership Board key issues (whether for noting or decision) arising from the reports and recommendations issued from time to time by the PMO, and provide appropriate guidance and recommendations to the Partnership Board in relation to issues of that nature; and  provide leadership in key themes and priorities of the Growth Deal in furtherance of and consistent with the policies and directions issued by the Partnership Board.