Economic Interests Sample Clauses

Economic Interests. The Economic Interests held by each Member will be divided into and represented by Percentage Interests, and there will initially be one class of Percentage Interests. The holders of Percentage Interests will have the voting and economic rights set forth in this Agreement. References in this Agreement to “Percentage Interests” will include all Percentage Interests outstanding as of the relevant date and the Economic Interests for each Member (expressed as a percentage) shall be set forth on Exhibit B.
Economic Interests. The Class A Units shall represent Limited Partner Interests in the Partnership, and shall not be entitled to any distributions from the Partnership, except that, upon any liquidation, dissolution or winding up of the Partnership, the Class A Units in the aggregate shall be entitled to an aggregate distribution of $100 prior and in preference to any distribution of any assets of the Partnership to the holders of any other class or series of Partnership Securities. For the avoidance of doubt, each Class A Unitholder shall receive its pro rata share of such $100 based on the number of Class A Units outstanding at the time of any such liquidation, winding up or dissolution.
Economic Interests. On the LLC Effective Date, each Special Circumstance Unitholder shall receive one (1) Class B LLC Unit (or fraction thereof) for each Special Circumstance Unit (or fraction thereof) then owned by (or held for the benefit of) such Special Circumstance Unitholder as of the LLC Record Date. The issuance of the Class B LLC Units shall not be deemed to be a new investment by the Special Circumstance Unitholders, rather the mandatory conversion of each such Special Circumstance Unit into the Class B LLC Units which represent all of the economic interest of the Class B LLC Interest. Any Unitholder that is not a Special Circumstance Unitholder shall have no rights or interests of any type or nature in the JWH Special Circumstance LLC or to or with respect to any of the Special Circumstance LLC Assets, including without limitation the Special Circumstance Claims and the Claims Cash.
Economic Interests. An effective public service is fundamental to the country’s economic interests. The First Report of the Advisory Committee on Senior Level Retention and Compensation (the Strong report) made the point that a strong public service is crucial to interna- tional competitiveness: In a world of greater economic insecu- rity and scarce resources, citizens require more effective social pro- grammes ... The corporate sector requires a competitive framework of laws and skilful representation abroad if it is to succeed in global markets. And all of this needs to be accom- plished in an efficient way. These challenges will require exceptional leadership, creative thinking and new operating skills and competencies.9
Economic Interests. The following transactions are considered to be in the normal course of operations and are measured at the exchange amount.
Economic Interests. Each Seller or † Management Company is the sole lawful record and beneficial owner of the Economic Interest set forth opposite such Seller’s name as set forth on Schedule B, which ownership is free and clear of all Liens (other than Permitted Interest Liens and any other Liens that will be released at or prior to Closing). Upon the sale of the Economic Interests and † Management Company to Purchaser at Closing pursuant to this Agreement, Purchaser will acquire (directly or through its acquisition of † Management Company) the entire legal and beneficial interest in, and good and marketable title to, such Economic Interests, free and clear of all Liens other than Permitted Interest Liens.
Economic Interests. Except as set forth on SCHEDULE 3.7 hereto, the Company has 100% economic interest in all of the insurance business included in the Financial Statements for the Company. The Company has an economic interest in the insurance business of each of the Partnerships and AgPro to the extent set forth in SCHEDULE 3.7. The business amounts set forth in SCHEDULE 3.7 do not include any contingent commission amounts. 3.8
Economic Interests. 9.1 Each of the Parties acknowledges and agrees that:
Economic Interests. Any Partner may Transfer its Economic Interests in the Partnership to an Affiliate.