Regional Sample Clauses

Regional. Divides country into six (6) zones; Subscriber may select any one (1) zone.
Regional. All facilities located with [*] miles of each other.
Regional. 9.12.5 Firstsite is working with ECC to host the ENAS website within the newly re- formatted Firstsite website in order to provide greater awareness and profile raising, as well as promoting Colchester and Essex’s welth of creative practices and studio provision
Regional. For broadcast i n the Region alone English and French discount For broadcast i n the Ontario Region alone discount A l l regions other than Quebec or Ontario discount LOCAL : Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, John's, Halifax, Montreal (English), Ottawa discount Toronto discount A l l other l o c a l discount
Regional. This sub-clause applies to a regional employee to whom clause 16.1.1 applies and whose headquarters are more than 100km by road (including ferry) from the Adelaide GPO (‘the regional employee’).
Regional. Employees w hose principal residence is located more than an 85km radius from the Kiew it Energy Fabricators Edmonton yard w ill receive the follow ing allow ance: 85 – 149 km $50.00 per day w orked, no LOA
Regional. Divides country into six (6) zones; end-user may select any (1) zone. Regions include East, Central, West, Southeast, Midwest and Southwest.