National Sample Clauses

National. The Forestry and Wildlife Law N° 94/01 (1994) sets out the country‟s forestry, wildlife, and fishery regulations, and lists gorillas as Category A species, which are fully protected against hunting, capture, or sale, in whole or in part. National Parks and wildlife reserves may be established under the auspices of the Department of Wildlife and Protected Areas (DFAP) of the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF), which is also responsible for the country‟s biodiversity in general. Cameroon has an anti-poaching Strategy (1999, revised 2000). International: • CMS 1983 • CBD 1994 • WHC 1982 • CITES 1981
National. If settlement is not achieved at Stage 2 either party may refer the matter to the appropriate National Joint Secretary to arrange a Disputes Committee hearing. Unless otherwise mutually agreed, this will normally be held locally no later than 28 days after completion of Stage 2. The party referring the matter to Stage 3 shall inform his National Joint Secretary of the terms of the claim and the Section of this Agreement under which the reference is being made. Any written statements of minutes to be used in the hearing must be submitted to the Disputes Committee Secretary at least 14 days before the hearing who will then distribute copies to the Respondent before the hearing. The parties agree that the operation of this Procedure does not preclude informal processes being used in addition; this may include Management and Trade Union officers. However it is agreed that those who may potentially be involved in hearing the case at further stages of the formal procedure should not be involved in these informal discussions.
National. FIRE DANGER RATING SYSTEM REMOTE AUTOMATED WEATHER STATIONS (NFDRS-RAWS)‌ Alaska primarily uses the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System Fire Weather Index (CFFDRS-FWI) tool for determining fire danger. Though RAWS stations are maintained to the national NFDRS standards, and station data is kept current in the Weather Information Management System (XXXX) for use with NFDRS-RAWS in the Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS), this is not the tool of choice. The goal is to produce an accurate assessment of the wildland fire potential across all units to support planning and implementation of Alaska’s fire management program. CFFDRS-FWI indices will be calculated through the University of Utah’s MesoWest program for the Alaska Fire and Fuels (AKFF) website (xxxxx:// This will allow indices to be calculated at nearly double the number of stations across the state as non-RAWS sites are incorporated. This webpage will run separately from NFDRS calculations made within XXXX. CFFDRS calculations will no longer be made on the AICC Webpage, but will solely be on the AKFF site.
National. The Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Tourism is the government body in charge of nature conservation. The Nature Conservation Act Ordinance-Law 69.041, 1969 defines national parks. Law 82.002, 1982, defines faunal and game reserves and lists species for which hunting and trapping are prohibited. There are 4 main categories of PA in DRC: - National parks (9) - Game reserves (1) - Forest reserves (7) - Faunal reserves (2) There are also areas set aside for hunting purposes and for scientific purposes. All these are managed by the Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN). A Forest Code was established in 2003, under which the state owns all forests and defines legitimate uses for them. Legal mechanisms and zoning system are to follow. There is concern as to the fact that forest people‘s rights are recognised, and there has been little civil society involvement in the formulation of this code. Forest exploitation taxes are very low, US$ 0.06/ha; the World Bank estimates that 600,000km² will be zoned as production forests. Timber extraction will be facilitated by more than 270 million dollars promised donors funds, equivalent to more than 5,000km of unpaved roads, or more than 1,000km of paved roads. In 2008, the ICCN published a National Strategy for Community Conservation to facilitate the legal and institutional framework for innovative community reserves such as those in Walikale and Xxxxx which protect important populations of Eastern Lowland Gorillas.
National. Protected areas are established under the National Parks Decree (No.46) of 1999, and administered by the National Park Service at the federal level. Some protected areas are also managed by the states such as the famous Yankari National Park. Great Apes are protected by both Federal and State laws in Nigeria. All wildlife in National Parks is protected by law. The Endangered Species Act of 1985 is the legal instrument through which international treaties are enforceable. International • CMS, 1987 • CBD, 1994 • WHC, 1974 • ACCNNR, 1968 • CITES, 1974 • CMS Gorilla Agreement, 2008 Cameroon Cameroon has experienced relative stability in the last decades (apart from a border dispute with Nigeria over the Bakassi Peninsula, ongoing since 1992), allowing the steady development of infrastructure, agriculture and the oil and timber industries. Cameroon is host to the Cross River Gorilla, Gorilla g. diehli, and the Western Lowland Gorilla, Gorilla g. gorilla. A larger proportion of the Cross River Gorilla’s range is located in Cameroon than Nigeria, and a proportion of the population occurs on land that has no formally protected status. The latest research indicates that between 125-185 individuals surviving in the wild in Cameroon. All Cross River Gorillas are located within Cameroon’s South West Region with the exception of those in the Kagwene locality which extends a few kilometers into the North West Province.
National. CQC (Care Quality Commission) The Commission make sure health and social care service providers provide people with safe, effective, and compassionate high-quality care and encourage care services to improve. They monitor, inspect, and regulate services to make sure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety and publish what they find, including performance ratings to help people choose care.
National. The Union or its members shall have the right to use or have the assistance of C.U.P.E. National.