Quality Requirements Sample Clauses

Quality Requirements. Licensee agrees that all Relevant IANA Services offered under the Licensed Marks shall be of a consistent quality at least as high as the quality of comparable services offered by ICANN immediately prior to the Effective Date and shall comply with the service quality requirements contained in the Service Agreement. Licensor and Licensee agree that quality monitoring responsibilities hereunder shall be conducted by the Relevant Community, which shall report any failure of the Relevant IANA Services to comply with the relevant quality standards to Licensor.
Quality Requirements. 5.5.1. Each assignment shall be carried out in full and as accurately as possible in accordance with the instructions given in the order form. The work delivered shall have been thoroughly revised and checked by the Contractor, so as to be usable, as it stands, without further revision by the Translation Centre. The Contractor shall pay particular attention to ensuring that all references to documents already published have been checked and cited correctly, that any documentation referred to in Article 5.9 has been consulted, and that the terminology used is consistent throughout the text. Where an assignment is returned incomplete, the Contractor shall be obliged, when asked, to make good any omissions.
Quality Requirements. The Contractor shall be required to demonstrate by means of a Quality Plan that this organisation is so structured that all the requirements of the specification will be properly monitored and controlled. The Quality Plan and Control procedures are to be carried out in accordance with the Quality Control document NWS 1841/C1 and the Matla Quality Manual for Contractor. The Quality Control document is to be submitted for approval to Matla Engineering within three (3) days after order placement by the Contractor. No work may commence unless the Quality Control document has been approved in writing and a copy submitted to the Employers Representative. The Contractor, in conjunction with Matla Engineering must sign off all Quality Control documents after completing all work on site. The Contractor to submit a copy of the final signed off document to the Employers Representative within 1 week after Completion of a Unit.
Quality Requirements. Dow shall maintain a Quality System that meets scientific expectations of traceability, reliability and control. Dow is responsible for the development and demonstration of suitability of contracted deliverables as well as providing reports and managing this project in a manner that meets scientific expectations of traceability, reliability and control ensuring that the filtered whole cell lysate or periplasmic release extract and cell free broth produced and analyzed in the developed process and assays have the quality, and identity they purport.
Quality Requirements. Customer represents and warrants to Owner that all Biomass tendered by or for the account of Customer for Terminal Services will conform to the Specifications. Owner will not be obligated to load or unload Biomass that fails to meet the Specifications at the time tendered by Customer, but, to the extent that Owner loads or unloads Biomass that fails to meet the Specifications, in no event will Owner have any liability whatsoever for loading or unloading such Biomass. Owner may, upon prior written notice to Customer, impose other limitations on the Biomass delivered to the Terminal in order to (a) comply with applicable Laws, (b) protect health and safety, and (c) protect the premises, equipment or facilities at the Terminal.
Quality Requirements. The Farmer understands that the Milk supplied by the Farmer to the Processor must comply with the following Quality Requirements under the Category labelledExpectation”: MEASURE CATEGORY EXPECTATION (no further action necessary) - Premium Quality - IMPROVEMENT REQUIRED (in accordance with Item 4 of Schedule 2) - Grade B Quality - REVIEW & RETEST (in accordance with Item 4 of Schedule 2) - Grade C Quality - REJECTION (subject to Item 4 of Schedule 2) - Unsatisfactory Quality - ANTIBIOTICS Not to be detected If any are detected TOTAL BACTERIAL COUNT <80,000 ibc/ml >80,000 to <150,000 ibc/ml >150,000 to <200,000 ibc/ml >200,000 ibc/ml and sensory indicators are below standard SOMATIC CELL COUNT <200,000 cells/ml >200,000 to <300,000 cells/ml >300,000 to <400,000 cells/ml >400,000 cells/ml PSEUDOMONAS <100 cfu/ml >100 cfu/ml to <1,000 cfu/ml >1,000 cfu/ml to <10,000 cfu/ml >10,000 cfu/ml FAT >4.9/100ml >4.6g/100ml to <4.9g/100ml >4.4g/100ml to <4.6g/100ml <4.4g/100ml PROTEIN >3.8g/100ml >3.6g/100ml to <3.8g/100ml >3.4g/100ml to <3.6g/100ml <3.4g/100ml
Quality Requirements. The requirements of this SQA shall constitute Supplier’s quality program which must be implemented and maintained during the term of the SOW. Supplier will set forth the yearly quality and reliability performance commitments for the current year and through the remainder of the initial term of the SOW in a product quality report (“PQR”). The PQR shall include the mutually agreed product monitoring plan to be used to validate the effectiveness of process control limits and the Product meets the quality and reliability defined in such PQR. It is Buyer’s expectation that Supplier will use e-business platforms (Web based applications) for ongoing real time quality management, including but not limited to information associated with Supplier Quality Management Systems (“SQMS”) and Product Change Notification (“PCN”), etc. or as specified in the PQR.
Quality Requirements. If the crude oil shall not meet Sunoco’s Oklahoma Sweet requirements at the delivering point, then Buyer shall have the right to terminate this Crude Oil Purchase Agreement by giving thirty (30) days written notice.