Quality Improvement Sample Clauses

Quality Improvement. VRC shall develop programs designed to improve the quality of care provided by the Radiologists and encourage identification and adoption of best demonstrated processes. Practice and VRC acknowledge that, in connection with such quality improvement activities, it may be necessary to provide VRC with Protected Health Information and Practice and VRC agree to treat such information in accordance with Article 9;
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Quality Improvement. (a) In recognition of the on-going need to improve the quality of clinical services the employer is committed to providing a quality improvement environment which supports openness, honesty and the freedom to identify and admit mistakes or errors of judgement.
Quality Improvement. 14.1 CONTRACTOR shall maintain a COUNTY-approved written Quality Improvement Plan, which shall meet COUNTY and California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) guidelines for such a program. These shall include the definition of specific levels of care for utilization review and monitoring processes to evaluate the appropriateness of patient admission, treatment and the length of stay based on the medical necessity and specified behavioral criteria for the program. The plan shall also include procedures addressing the quality of clinical records; peer review, medication monitoring, and medical care evaluation studies.
Quality Improvement. Contemporary health services rely on information as the basis on which sound decisions can be made. The collection, analysis, reporting and comparison of indicators that describe the performance and processes of health services are now a standard tool utilised by all health service staff to facilitate continuous quality improvement. Nationally, the following areas have been identified as being key areas for monitoring health service performance: • Effectiveness. • Accessibility. • Safety. • Efficiency. • Appropriateness.
Quality Improvement. Providers shall comply with Health Plan’s quality improvement programs, including those designed to improve quality measure outcomes in the then current Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) or other quality or outcome measures. Health Plan may audit Providers periodically and upon request Providers shall provide Records to Health Plan for HEDIS or other quality reasons and risk management purposes, including Records that will enable Health Plan to perform a thorough assessment of the overall care being provided to Members.
Quality Improvement. 1. To implement an ongoing comprehensive quality assessment and performance improvement program for the services furnished to its Enrollees that includes, but is not limited to:
Quality Improvement. The processes established and operated by CMHSP, LRE or the Administrator for LRE relating to the quality of Covered Services.
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Quality Improvement. (a) Provider will maintain a systemic Quality Improvement process to measure, evaluate and improve performance.
Quality Improvement. Points to consider: If applicable, the QI model that will be used; How will the QI process be used to track progress; The staff members who will be responsible for overseeing these processes; How you will implement any needed changes in project implementation and/or project management; What decision-making processes will be used; When and by whom will decisions be made concerning project improvement; What are the thresholds for determining that changes need to be made; Will the Advisory Board have a role in the QI process; and How will the changes be communicated to staff and/or partners/sub-awardees. Appendix F – Biographical Sketches and Position Descriptions Include position descriptions for the Project Director and all key personnel. Position descriptions should be no longer than one page each. For staff members who have been identified, include a biographical sketch for the Project Director and other key positions. Each sketch should be two pages or less. Biographical Sketch Existing curricula vitae of project staff members may be used if they are updated and contain all items of information requested below. You may add any information items listed below to complete existing documents. For development of new curricula vitae include items below in the most suitable format: Name of staff member Educational background: school(s), location, dates attended, degrees earned (specify year), major field of study Professional experience Honors received and dates Recent relevant publications Position Description Title of position Description of duties and responsibilities Qualifications for position Supervisory relationships Skills and knowledge required Amount of travel and any other special conditions or requirements Salary range Hours per day or week Appendix G – Addressing Behavioral Health Disparities SAMHSA expects recipients to utilize their data to: (1) identify the number of individuals to be served during the grant period and identify subpopulations (i.e., racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender minority groups) vulnerable to behavioral health disparities; (2) implement a quality improvement plan for the use of program data on access, use, and outcomes to support efforts to decrease the differences in access to, use, and outcomes of service activities; and (3) identify methods for the development of policies and procedures to ensure adherence to the National Standards for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) in Health and Health Care.
Quality Improvement. HCT may conduct quality improvement audits and evaluations on a periodic basis, in accordance with the requirements of applicable state and federal laws, regulations and reporting requirements. Provider shall cooperate with HCT in the conduct of such reviews and shall provide HCT with reasonable access to the records and other information needed by HCT to complete such audits and evaluations.
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