Quality Improvement Sample Clauses

Quality Improvement. Providers shall comply with Health Plan’s quality improvement programs, including those designed to improve quality measure outcomes in the then current Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) or other quality or outcome measures. Health Plan may audit Providers periodically and upon request Providers shall provide Records to Health Plan for HEDIS or other quality reasons and risk management purposes, including Records that will enable Health Plan to perform a thorough assessment of the overall care being provided to Members.
Quality Improvement. Management Company shall assist PC in fulfilling its obligations to maintain a Quality Improvement Program and in meeting the goals and standards of such program.
Quality Improvement. HCT may conduct quality improvement audits and evaluations on a periodic basis, in accordance with the requirements of applicable state and federal laws, regulations and reporting requirements. Provider shall cooperate with HCT in the conduct of such reviews and shall provide HCT with reasonable access to the records and other information needed by HCT to complete such audits and evaluations.
Quality Improvement. All SPP lead teachers who meet education or certification requirements will be expected to maintain a CLASS® combined Emotional Support (ES)/Classroom Organization (CO) score that exceeds 6.0 and a CLASS® Instructional Support (IS) score that exceeds 4.5. In instances when these scores are not achieved, the SPP coach assigned to work with the teacher will ensure these goals are part of the teacher’s Professional Development Plan (PDP) and the classroom’s Quality Improvement Plans (QIP). Teachers who receive tuition support to meet SPP requirements will be expected to meet these expectations by the time they complete their degree programs.